Friday, July 2, 2021

Never Kiss a Crow on the Lips...

What again?

I've been ill again! It's not Covid, it's like a head cold; sneezing, sore throat, ears stopped up that kind of thing and just feeling bad.  So I haven't been out much this week.  So over the last few weeks I have some left overs to share...some B roll if you will...

Wildlife comes to me...

When I appeared in the window I surprised this doe who was enjoying some of the clover I sowed in the  yard...

A Good Tip

The crows travel in a group of 7 or 8 normally and they come morning and afternoon to find things to eat in the yard...and let me say I rarely have to pick up after the dogs as these scavengers keep it picked up for me, 

👄no kisses


Last week when I walked around the lake in the nearby state park, the water was super calm...

My path takes me by the grassy picnic area...

It was so quiet I was the only human around...

And one of the B-roll shots that I really enjoyed is this Solitary Sandpiper at the vernal pool 


And you know I've been trying to replace the photos deleted by Flickr when I gave up on this one I took of my "treasured" good china cabinet is stuffed full of my favorite things...45 years of collecting...

I can't recall the last time it was put to use...

Hope you enjoy the 4th if you're celebrating...I do have a small watermelon I've been enjoying it's such a refreshing treat. 

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Great picture of the lake and trees. Hope you're feeling better when you get what are ordinary cold symptoms Covid immediately springs to mind. i like the corvids they are such clever birds, and the youtube vids of what they can do are amazing.

    You've changed your font type, it seems slightly smaller too, or is that my eyes?

    How's the van, you mentioned last time that there was a problem with it.?
    Hope you continue to feel better and that your weather is kind, those poor people in the North West and Canada its horrible with the heat and wild fires. I'm not a lover of very high temperatures and when we have them, which thankfully is manageable I'm always looking for shade. Take care.

    1. HI Dave, I made the font bigger, I did experiment with a different font...just to mix it up a bit since IM low on content. The van had a cylinder misfire going on. I did some interventions myself before I got this cold, I put in a new ignition coil and I also used some really good fuel injection cleaner in the gas, and got a new gas cap. I was getting the code P0442, evap leak small, and the first thing to do with that is replace the gas cap. So I did that on Monday I got sick that same I haven't really been driving but I made a few trips post ignition coil and injector cleaner and it ran Great no I need to go a little farther to really see if it's gone, but so far so good. I was supposed to take it in for the 02 sensor replace but I just don't feel up to dealing with that right now. I have the sensors, tried to do it myself and gave up when I couldn't get the electrical connections to come apart! The plastic is so brittle, Plastic is a horrible material to build things with. Hope you have a great weekend! I hope the heatwave breaks's not good at all.

  2. Hello Sondra,
    I hope you feel better soon. We do not have any special plans for the 4th, it will be quiet at home. Love the sweet deer. The views of the lake, trees and the Sandpiper are great. Take care, enjoy your day! Happy weekend to you!

    1. HI Eileen, thank you kindly...I plan to couch surf it pretty much till I am feeling better, of course I am doing what I have to do around the homestead but any projects are on hold for now...just still doing my blog restoration project when my head is not pounding!
      I hope you a quiet safe 4th.

  3. Great pic of the deer. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Sure hope you get to feeling better soon. The deer in the yard is adorable. I ordered a hitch step for the truck, I hope it works out so I can stop carring around that heavy clumbys latter. Going to start getting ready for some camping end of Sept. unless it cools down before them (yay right) time to get on the road again. Take care and feel better.The watermelon sounds wonderful in this humidity and heat.

    1. Hi Jo. that's an excellent idea..I sure hope it works good for you. I was able to get on the lawn mower today so getting my chores caught up...I had to move one bird feeder the squirrels were just hitting it so hard and so I hope now they will leave it alone. Have a good 4th.

  5. I hope you're feeling a little better now? You can't beat wildlife right outside your window for a boost can you!

    1. HI Pam, Im much better now, still a little tired feeling but able to do what I must get done. I do enjoy seeing the deer even tho sometimes they eat my plants. Its the male who damages the plants in fall with their antlers..Yikes.

  6. Watermelon is good for you too -- hydration and vitamins -- hope it is helping you to feel better. Sending good thoughts. At least you have your very own wildlife park outside your window ! Daughter was complaining about the "murder of crows" their acreage has recently acquired -- and they are noisy for sure! But I will have to ask her if she has noticed less of a job cleaning up after their (very large) dog since the crows arrival. (He seems to be trained to "go" in a spot away from where people gather, so she might not notice right away.)

    1. Hi Sallie, that is what my dogs do they go in the leafy area around the edge of the yard and in back, the crows find it...and sometimes they bring it into the bird bath..SO needless to say I have to check that out daily and put in fresh water. They used to pick thru the horse manure when I had horses too.


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