Friday, July 23, 2021

This is US

Summer breeze makes me fine, Blowing through the Jasmine in my mind....

Some of you may know Im a huge Seals n Crofts fan...I listened to the old LP's I have till they barely play and it makes me sad, cause it's like  another part of my youth gone...I enjoyed those days  with my mind full of Jasmine and not in 2021...
can it to be 1972 again PLeASe???

  Yes I want to go back to 1972, an old favorite song can take  you right back there to the Jasmine in your mind. So I worked on a craft project this week and I sat at the table painting and I put my Summer Breeze 33rpm on the old turntable...and as I painted I replayed all these wonderful memories. 

Welcome home  Ladies!

  Im still listening to Summer Breeze as I type and I can't help but go back to that time in my husband and I went not married yet but we were a couple and these are some of our Summer Breeze memories...

                                                         Husband John
                                              Sweet days of Summer, 

                                              Me,   Jones Beach NY 1972

... comparing people of these days to people of those days, I see  most of the people looked fit and they were up DOING something no one was lounging in a chair, they were swimming, playing in the sand, interacting with the surroundings, not cell phones!

John was a jockey in the 60's in England where was born and lived until 1963, This is his first winner, Spring Brough. 

Here in my hometown there's 2 Racehorse Training Centers that is where we met, I was an exercise girl and he was training at that point... 
That meant I exercised race horses 6 days a week...That is the crowd John and I hung with we were part of that scene back in 1972, so we attended lots of dinner/cocktail  parties, notice the decor in our old Apartment, and the clothes we wore..

this was in the Fall of 1973

Sorry there was not much I could do with editing these photos since the originals are 49 yrs old...half a freakin' century.  His tie was a bright mustard yellow, and my outfit was  big legged bell bottomed pants with a matching fitted button up top.  We always "dressed"  when we out anywhere except to work at the Track. 

                                                                    SC 1972

                     One of my favorites horses, Belmont Park, 1973 Summer

We went to the Hunt Ball in 1973 and we got married in the same outfits Valentines day of  1974..

Here we are Christmas, Notice my Flower Child hair and my paisley Bohemian outfit, this is how I dressed at home most of the time...we had fondue parties, we drank rum, and laughed a LOT! 

 I used this wallet for MANY YEARS. 

John on Christmas Day, a Tuxedo shirt, and a Bow Tie, carving the Ham!

 our first dog together Lucky's Diamond, a Toy Fox Terrier 

Our Apartment Elmont NY 1973


John had never had a dog in his entire life, me I spent my whole life with dogs...these 2 became inseparable. 

My Maid of Honor, Sis on the left, our best man John's BFF Nick from Ireland on the Right

1974  I do and I did ...
for 40 years

Our Foot Prints in the sand...on a day filled with Summer Breeze.

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Hello,
    Your craft project is cute, I love the ladybugs. Wonderful memories and photos of you and your husband, looks like a happy life. I am not sure if I would want to go back to 1972, maybe part of the way. Take care, have a happy weekend!

    1. Hi Eileen, I am enjoying have the lady bugs around they sure will bring a smile, yep 1972 was a long time ago.

  2. What a wonderful post Sondra, very enjoyable. You have some lovely memories to look back on. That's something I too have been doing a lot of over the past few weeks. You said you wanted to be back in 1972 and I can understand that as to me the late 60's and the 70's were a wonderful era of my life. My body has aged and deteriorated but in my mind I'm still young and whilst the past is memorable and all the things that happened to me, it is why I am where I am now, and there is still a future and I have to look to that.
    All the best and take care

    1. Hi Dave so happy to see you make a visit, glad you're feeling better and have a positive outlook! Im in the a similar boat of aging and wondering what's next. I have been wrestling with so many emotions since 2018, with loss and grief, and it makes me want to go back enjoy the times when things felt "whole". Things feel kind of shattered sometimes so it's good to have a place in memory that feels safe. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  3. Walk down memory lane for you in this post. My life kick started in the mid 70's when I move to AZ. with my kids.

    I love the lady bugs

    1. Hi Jo, it was a lot of fun doing the lady bugs I had these old bowling balls around and I actually tossed 2 of them when they cracked in the cold. I figured I wanted to hang onto them a little longer now they really have a personality. When I hear those old songs it brings back the memories of that time and that place...It's a trigger I guess.
      I've always been the keeper of the memories and I have lots of old photos in albums, boxes, it's fun to dig thru and just let the memories flow out of those pages, and boxes. I didn't realize you had been in AZ that long. Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. What a delightful post to stop by and read! It took me back in time, too! I graduated HS in 1972.

    1. Hi Karen, I graduated in 1971 I went to summer school so I could take English and get out a year early...Hope you are doing well..

  5. Oh this post is lovely, from the Ladybirds to the old photos, (which I love to look at), to the footprints. I love the song too :)

    1. Hi Pam, sometimes it helps me to look back to see the heading I was on so I understand the heading I should be on now,,Thanks for the visit and and I hope you enjoy your week.

  6. Memories make me feel fine. You and John were such a good-looking couple and happy then! . The song is younger than my era -- from the time when we were busy busy busy raising kids and working -- but I remember it and know the feelings of course -- I suppose every era does. But I do wonder how much some oftoday's "kids" will think back fondly on lying around looking at their telephones.

    1. THAT is my point in this post Sallie, without keeping the memories in books and in boxes, and in ones head of course what is there? My son has NO photos of the last 10 yrs of his life so I went on his facebook downloaded all his photos and had 2 books printed using Google Photos to do was expensive since he had over 200 photos in there but well worth it. Each photo is a time capsule. Real life is being erased!


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