Friday, January 15, 2021

Stardate: 01:15:2021

Saturday I headed out to try out the scope...really exciting.  It works great and is easy to use and not heavy thanks my friend.. 

There was Canada Geese and some Mallards on the far shore, I certainly would not have seen those ducks as they were mixed in with the geese, in fact they were out of camera range, this enriched my birding experience.

way out there on the far side,,,

My main goal on this trip tho was to work with the scope and then take a hike....

my path outlined in red. 

I moved the van to the start point, a approx 3 miles round trip hike.  I've now  officially done the entire Tate's Trail its  not a long trail it could easily be hiked in a about 2 hrs if you keep moving one way,  it's not a loop trail so you would have to turn around hike back all total about 7.4 miles, but if you're like me I stop to bird, to take photos, I cant seem to keep walking it takes me forever...this 3 mile hike took me 2 and 1/2 hours,,,LOL. 
Im in it for the Journey. 

This trail is also called the Lakes Trail as it connects 3 of the different lakes, in this section I will pass by 2 of the 3...

lake 12, 

An Eagle soared overhead.

Yellow Rump Warbler seen along the way

Back to the map on the way back after my turn around point at the creek crossing, I stopped at the green circle to have a snack and a rest before finishing up the hike..

This bend in the trail has 2 nice benches for a rest so this was my lunch spot just some P-nut butter crackers, a moon pie, and some water...

                        Lunch break back of Pool D, had a ring necked duck floating around...

have spent a lot of down time during inclimate weather going back and replacing the photos in SOME of my old posts that Flickr destroyed.  It's a slow  and tedious process and I think I will run out of data storage on Blogger,,,,so Ive open up a few other flickr's under fictitious names to try and obtain the 1,000 free photos storage limit..but mostly Im uploading right to blogger.  I don't know how much storage they will allow me.  

Red Bellied Woodpecker
 The lockdowns along with other factors have put a knot in my tail for a while, travel wise but hopefully I can resume normal at some point in life before I kick the bucket...

Pine Warbler

I have been slowly contacting each Rep member who voted YES to contest on the Electoral College Vote count  because public opinion matters to politicians...we must out shout the other side I guess...I don't know....and I also wrote to the 10 brave Republican's who voted to Impeach. IM doing this via twitter, which I rejoined to use for a political seems that is where the action is.  I was happy to see Tim Rice of my state was one who voted Yes on Impeachment.  It matters....this is how Unity begins. 

Tufted Titmouse

Red Breasted Nuthatch 

we had  ONE good day of weather this week on Thursday ,,,and the birds were all busy trying to get at the yard feeders so I followed them around trying to get them in candid shots when they waited for their turn. 

Purple Finch female


Ruby Crowned Kinglet

Downy Woodpecker

Annie found herself a delicious mushroom to eat...

She dug it up  Is this a truffle?  I know people use dogs to find Truffles, she is always out mushrooming...she is very good at it, but she eats them immediately  and does not share with me or Floss. It had a brown outer covering, but looked bigger than a ping pong ball,,

Pine Siskin (FOY)

American Goldfinch 

Chipping Sparrow 

My Van in finally in the shop to see what this noise is I am hearing,.I hope he can figure it out.  So Im homebound for  now.  

For your viewing pleasure a

Tufted Titmouse whistles a few notes for us,

and Annie eats her Truffle..

Annie finds a truffle Tufted Titmouse
Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Hello, Sondra
    I am glad you are enjoying your new scope, it was a great gift. You had a nice variety of birds and sightings on your walk. It is always a treat to see the eagles. The Pine Warbler is a cutie. I have been seeing the Pine Siskins and the Purple Finches in my yard. Annie is a sweetie, I did not know dogs liked to eat mushrooms. Take care, have a happy day!

    1. HI Eileen, the Siskins and Finch are busy at the feeders and seem to be enjoying the bird bath even...we had such a gloomy week but it's cleared for at least 48 hrs. Both dogs eat the mushrooms they find on the property...they know which ones to eat...but when I look at Mushrooms, I can not tell the good from the bad..Have a great weekend.

  2. That was some trail you walked. Oh the Eagle was great. I heard we have some down by what they call Sweet Water. I was wanting to go there but it is always packed with people. Theres lots of wild life down there also. Your birds are wonderful. Love the Tufted Titmouse and his sweet song.

    1. Hi Jo, that Eagle was fun to see, he did a couple turns and off he went. The trial is a fun one it, wide and for the most part flat a little bit more hilly on the other end that I did before..but just mounds really. I enjoyed being out away from most of civilization for a while.

  3. a cracking selection of birds in a wonderful setting.

    1. Hi Dave and Thanks...I hope your first couple weeks have been good ones,cheers.

  4. I'm glad you're enjoying the scope, it makes a big difference! We are exactly the same on walks, we always take at least twice as long as it's supposed to, birds, butterflies, bugs, plants - all distractions! The Eagle is beautiful and you have some great photos of the birds.

    1. Its very hard to just pass awesome things by...It's like a safari to and you too.

  5. Fantastic Outing - Good On You - Sending Positive Vibes


    1. Thank you Travis, hope your second week was productive, Im looking forward to your update.

  6. So pleased you are enjoying the scope :)

    A wonderful selection of birds, great post.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan, hope your week is going well.

  7. Yay for the scope....tho you see so many backyard birds without it that I am already envious. My granddaughter in law is training their standard poodle to be a truffle dog. Don’t quite understand the process (heard about how she does it through her mask and at a distance and I swear my own mask makes me deaf). But I do know he isn’t supposed to eat what he finds ))). Stay well and I’m sure you’re joining me in holding tour breath for tomorrow (Inaguration Day).

    1. Hi Sallie, I know both my dogs are good at foraging for food...Im listening to the parting remarks of DT he is lying again, saying that when the economy picks up in the coming months it's his work that did that..oh boy but somehow when he came in none of that was Obama's work. He is such a dipstick.

    2. ..and he said he will be back in some form. NOT If we can help it...he rambled on unscripted and with ridiculous pomp the song YMCA playing in the background as he left, no star n stripes it was a rally not a fare the well. Most unpleasant and shows nothing about America, but about him.

  8. Great selection of birds! Glad the scope is working out. Annie is pretty cute with her mushroom. Rexi eats everything she finds and I'm always worried she's going to get into poisonous mushrooms someday. Happy inauguration day!

    1. I worry about them finding something they shouldn't eat but they seem to have a 6th sense about it. I gave them one I bought at the store and they spit it out! Thanks again for your generosity.


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