Friday, September 11, 2020


The weather has shifted a little still warm but lower humidity and every now and then even some cool air whisps past me.  I've been playing catch up with a lot of deferred jobs.  My camera is sitting with a dead battery...and I have no desire to charge it, I dug thru the archives. 

Jackson lake State Park, in Colorado, I camped under this tree and had about 1,000 gypsy moths invade my van!

It will be time to hang up the yard maintenance tools and drag out the firewood cutting fact I've already started...some pieces of wood I have been collecting that were long I've been cutting to size.

Still a lot of deer still hanging out in my pasture they bed down out there and you can see the big crop circle where they curl up and sleep..we don't have any of these in the East wish we did..

Pronghorn in the Sagebrush Walden, Colorado 2018

Last Friday my Mom's best Friend passed away (age 96) so I attended her funeral...that was sad.  The line keeps moving of the people I's almost like I can hear some ghastly voice saying, "NEXT". 

This  really upsets me, she has 2 sons..both married.  She was living with one son and his wife had the duty of caregiver...but  as soon as Nettie moved out of her home and moved in with the youngest son, the Older son with  his wife moved into Nettie's vacant house...SO my question is WHY couldn't he have made that move when his mother was there and wanted to Stay in her own  home?  Shame on anyone who does that!! I really didn't want to hug him at the funeral I wanted to smack him!! But I didn't because I know he was  hurting.

American Goldfinch 2011

yellow throated warbler in the yard June 2011

I have not been motivated to go birding or traveling...I think all the "stuff" Nationally and personally just has me in a vice, I am however enjoying the birds that I see around me, I just have no motivation to go looking beyond my little acres... hope that changes soon as even better weather is expected next week. 

I guess you could say Im in a Funk, remember that word.  Or maybe it's one of those force fields that has a hold over me...I dunno but it stinks. It's like I don't want to go out and see the donkeys without a mask on that makes me angry, and I don't want to see the jackasses with the Trump flags off the back of their pick ups, and 6 ft away is not far enough.  I'd have to drive 3,000 miles to get away from the RED state and the Surrounding Red States! I think election depression is setting in on me.

ruby throated 2011
There was 5 hummers around the feeder a few days ago now I'm seeing only 3 now soon they will be off to their winter feeding grounds!

When I was a kid I used to stomp tin cans on my feet and pretend I was a wild horse...and I was instantly transported to anyplace in the whole world...I want to be a wild horse again...

Trying to forget the stuff I saw on 9-11 that's why I rarely mention it when the date rolls around -----19 yrs ago ...boy I wish I could erase those horrible memories (RIP💓) but then be careful what you wish for...forgetting is going around.  

                                                                       Night photography 2015

So this was a slight transgression  of my normal post of My Art, or My Journey but it sure fit the bill of My Life currently.  Hope things in your life are leaning more gives me something to strive toward..;o)
I am so saddened by all the wildfires in the West people losing the homes they cherish and their sanctuary from the madness that can exist outside that sanctuary.  AND I think of all the animals and birds and how it affects them.  I wish I could send some rain in that direction.  Early snow in the CO Rockies helped with the fires there mostly contained now..
Jimmy is getting good reports on his vet visits and in 2 weeks the cone can come off.

So that's my thoughts this week...just little things stung together.  Share some of yours with me...

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Big Hugs - Embrace The Funk And Prevail The Better Person - Also, That Night Shot, TOP SHELF!!!


    1. Thank you Travis, I embrace all the emotions of my Journey...I know nothing is permanent, and before I know it I will kicking up my heels and back in the fray!

  2. Hello,

    Lovely images from your archives. I love the Hummer and the Warbler. The last shot of the night sky is beautiful. I understand the funk, I think back 4 1/2 to 5 years ago when everything seemed normal. I am not sure if I will ever feel normal again. Our country has lost more lives from this virus compared to lives lost in wars and on 9/11. I miss traveling but also I do not have an urgent need to go anywhere. I pray for all those in the areas with the wildfires. Take care, enjoy your day! Wishing you a happy weekend!

    1. Thank You's been a very tough year so far and I really hope a change in leadership in Nov will make all of us breath a little easier, and not have the constant worry or be wondering what corrupt deal went down last night while we slept.

  3. Being able to dig threw out old photos can be such a wonderful thing. You posted some beautiful photos.

    This would have been a great week for camping here but... as always something has to get in the way. Collected some estimates for house repairs and the air quality from all the fires is awful from all the smoke. Kind of wonder can it really get any worse?

    1. Same thing here Jo, not the weather so much but just the daily flow in general seems my Chi has come to a standstill...

  4. Sondra,I think this whole situation depresses lots of people, and at times like these we all need leaders who are proactive and motivating, not just thinking of themselves. This applies to our leader and yours as they are both of a similar kind.
    I feel the same about going away because when you do go somewhere its not the same and you cant just do what you are used to doing. I understand and agree that it has to be this way but like many I crave for the "normal".
    Luckily you have a nice place, nice area, plenty of room and certainly enough to keep you occupied.
    How about an Autumnal video of whats happening on the Homestead.

    All the best.

    1. Hi Dave, I sometimes forget that it's the whole world in this predicament, I am def one of the lucky ones, I can't imagine having to deal with this epidemic in my old life in NYC! My job would have put me on the front line, and my cramped studio would barely keep me stimulated. I have room here for my pets and lots of wildlife I really have nothing to complain about for sure...I have a DIY Project Video Im currently editing. It was a very satisfying project. One thing that has been a problem and hopefully that is being resolved is MY son's car was overheating it has a couple of problems casing we have been sharing the use of mine, his is now in the garage being repaired, so once that is done I hope to get some days trips going again. I think it's like doing a high dive once you take the first step you're fine. Have a great weekend.

  5. Sorry I just can’t say much to cheer you up today. I think everybody in the US and maybe the world (every thinking person anyway) is in a funk these days . I bet ten people I talked to (on the phone) lately have said some variation of “can’t wait for this year to be over.” ,... but it’s not as if on January 1 all our problems will be over. (Even if the best possible results happen in November.). We are in the smoky mess literally and figuratively out here in the West. ..... oh , but thank you for the ID in my little bushtits. I had never even heard of them, but I checked several places and I’m pretty sure it was the same bird. ...they must have been migrating through. So yay, new bird for me, thank you very much. That *was* a happy thing.

    1. Awesome that you got a new bird, that is a good thing! I have to wonder what January is gonna look like in 2021...will be celebrating or going into an every deeper depression..I really hope the fires can be brought under control it;s just horrible! And here we have yet another hurricane bringing us rain it is predicted we will get 2-3 inches on Thursday.

  6. Your photos are lovely and it's good you're able to see the wildlife around home without having to venture out, especially when you're not wanting to, I can't say I blame you. Aren't families terrible sometimes and very selfish :/ It's easy to get into a 'funk' these days there's so much awfulness happening everywhere. The gardens/backyards are a bit of a saving grace I think, I know mine has over the past few months.

    1. Hi Pam completely agree, without my bit of land I would be going crazy about now...Im just looking for the simple things and if something big comes along I will take that too...Hope you are having a good week!


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