Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Sand in my shoes...

May 2nd  I took off and went to the beach! I didn't sit out in the sun or anything like that I was looking for birds as usual...and this was the very first day our State Parks were open was rather crowded but I did manage to steer around most of the other people. 


Spotted some dolphin just off shore...was only able to get the fin...

I did a little shell looking it's hard to ignore the bits of stuff washed in by the tide,...I brought this coral one home...


these cute little Sanderling were getting down out of the wind,  And you can see how they look in breeding plumage too..
NOTE: If you very carefully click the Play Arrow and dont hit any of the text around it, the video plays in this window...


Lots of Semipalmated Plovers were there that day...

I took some walks on  boardwalks too...

I always like to see Red Winged Blackbirds...

Egrets had standing room only! Great and Snowy Egrets. 

Not as many gators were there as normal...I wonder what  happened to them? 


Saw Lesser and Greater Yellowlegs..

Lots of these jelly fish  on the shore...some birds pecked at them...they were not alive. 

Here is  a live one in action in the water...a Cannonball Jellyfish!  

cannonball jellyfish

Just to show you how small these Least Terns are! 

Had some Wilson's Plover in the shorebird nesting area...

I have a one mile hike in the sand to get to the jetty and the shorebird breeding area.  It's fenced for off limits but you can see a lot on the verges of it,   I sat down in the sand and had my lunch and watched the Black Skimmers fly by...

Black Skimmers

Only one American Oystercatcher was around. 

That's about the time a Whimbrel decided to walk right into my picnic...LIFE BIRD as somehow they have always eluded me, even a non birder has seen a finally, so have I! 

Finally!  And he hung out with me all afternoon.

Plenty of Royal Tern

and Sandwich Tern 

more beach drift, Spider Crabs shells...

This Willet gives himself a good belly wash..


A few Short Billed Dowitcher showed up 

along with some Black Bellied Plover in their breeding outfits!

Brown Pelican fly all around but I didn't see the huge flocks I normally see I figure they have an island offshore where they breed and that's probably where they were...

A female Painted Bunting was on the Feeder outside one of the Education Buildings that was not open, but I was happy to see they were refilling the feeders.

I enjoyed being at the beach,,,,I did not see many people taking the social distancing seriously.  I don't know how they think they are exempt?  I believe the Trump administration in the end will take up the "every man for himself" stand.  Since he hates all of the Democrats and encourages his base to be violent and to bully their way around...I imagine as the election gets closer he will do everything he can to stop a fair election, like he is already doing that by trying to stop the mail in voting.

I really hope people will realize how the crooked Republicans will try to  use the no shows at the voting booth in their favor, so put on your mask, your gloves, put a plastic trash bag over you cut a hole in for breathing just SHOW UP, if  you can't vote by mail.

They won't fight fair so let us all SHOW up to fight the right way, place your vote! We have a chance to get Lindsey Graham out of office here in SC...can you imagine how wonderful that would be!! OMG Jamie Harrison is running against him and he has MY VOTE.  He seems to be a decent man who has worked hard to help people of SC get a fair shot.
What a difference that would make, but let me tell you now it will take EVERY person who does NOT want Graham in office any long to show up to help, as I see Trump signs all over the place don't take it lightly that he will he voted out...he will only be voted out if Everyone SHOWS up to do it.

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Another wonderful birding day, and this time at the beach how great is that. Glad you found a new life bird. So may wonderful birds on the waters edge.

    I don't know what i will do if that baboon wins again I'll just know it was rigged once again.

    1. Hey there Jo, I don't think we could survive 4 ore yrs...some evil things just should not be allowed to grow. I've hard the hardest week yet this week as it has poured rain and my mood is driven by the weather obviously!

  2. Good news on the Whimbrel Sondra, yes even I have seen one. It looked a good day out , its nice to have a change of scenery. I think social distancing with gradually go by the board, as its regarded as too much hassle both for individuals and commercial premises, but it was very important to observe it in the early days of this pandemic. We in Wales are waiting for an announcement this Friday on whether there is a relaxing on the rules. Because there are regional governments for Wales, Scotland and Ireland there are different rules to what England has. People in England can travel anywhere in England whereas we cannot. Even though we have a central parliament this devolution can make it complicated.
    Unfortunately Trump has a big following and he will be difficult to shift, but I do hope he goes and I never want to see the likes of him in power ever again.

    1. I tell you I felt like a first grader who just learned how to read when I finally found that Whimbrel, I was so excited!! Yes the likes of him I want GONE! It is going to take a HUGE turn out to get him outta there.

  3. What a wonderful visit you had to the beach with a whole range of fantastic birds, capped for you by the Whimbrel I have no doubt. If you are able to get rid of Lindsay Graham and vote Donald Trump into the ignominy of history at one time, that would be quite a coup. As an outsider looking in what is happening in the USA looks like it would be more at home in The Philippines or Turkey, or some other autocratic dictatorship. It seems very sad that out of a country of 330 millions of people, the best choice is between Trump and Biden.

    1. Couldn't agree more I've never witnessed such open obvious lying from a leader, now he attacks Twitter and threatens to close them down fine by me, that that shuts his big mouth up! :o) Im sure he wants National News like China, he thinks this country is communist and he is the ruler elite...I find him completely disgusting, and be quite honest his followers are like little chips off the nasty block.

  4. Hello, I love all the shorebirds, the Terns, Oystercatcher, Black Skimmers and the Plovers are all wonderful to see. Congrats on your Whimbrel lifer. Great photos, sightings and videos.
    T.rump is copying other dictators past and present, he starts with his lies, distractions and deflections. He wants to get rid of any press that does not favor him. I really think the republicans and his buddy's will do anything to make sure they win, they are all so corrupt. God help us, I think we will need all the help we can get. On a happier note, Wishing you a happy day!

    1. Hi Eileen, thanks for the visit I did see a WHOLE bunch of good birds..this is the Hot Spot in our State so I hope to get back there again soon. We really have to encourage everyone we can to see the light of the oppressive regime Trump has created...they are as dangerous as rattlers to me!

  5. Fantastic to get out to the beach, i'm staying away for a while, as you say people don't pay attention to social distancing! You have some great photos and videos, I love the jellyfish, they're such fascinating creatures!

    I do feel for you with your 'president' (I know our government aren't much better) and I do hope people do the sensible thing in your elections, it's truly shocking the things he gets away with.

    1. Hi Pam. and thank you...I was so surprised that so many showed up on that day for the beach because it was cool that day in my opinion. It seems we do not have the proper checks and balances in place to make sure our President doesn't abuse the office, we need to redo the Rules I think!! I can't imagine the USA in 40 yrs OMG!!

  6. So lovely to get out to the beach, I enjoyed your photographs.

    Here in the UK with some of our Covid 19 restrictions being eased many are heading for the beach … it does worry me that social distancing may go out of the window.

    This world is going through such unsettling times at the moment …

    My good wishes to you.

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan, I hope the easing is going to work and not come back to haunt us really is a time of turmoil, and it scares me.


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