Friday, August 11, 2017

The Motherlode...

For some time my Feedjit has not been working so I installed an in "Real Time" one, now both are showing up! I'm just going to leave it as is in case the other one dies again!  I enjoy seeing where everyone is we went to lunch at the Elk Creek Mining Co. Bar & Grill.  They have this burger called the mother lode, and they challenge anyone to eat 2 and 2 orders of their buffalo chips in 45 mins or less and your meal is free!
If you like meat you may be up to the challenge...I think my son JT could easily get his name on a plaque. 
Do you think you could eat this meal in 45 minutes or less???  Two Motherlode Burgers with 2 sides of Buffalo chips!  Not me I had the daily special and on  Thursday it comes with a $4 Mojito! 

so far there's 3 plaques, with 13 winners since 2008...

$4 Thursday Special Mojito

Elk Creek Mining Co Bar & Grill in New Castle

the Basalt Chamber of Commerce is in this old RR Car

A few days later we took a drive east back towards Glenwood Springs and picked up hwy 82 south  through the town of Basalt and then onto the Frying Pan River Road, one of the prime fly fisheries in this area.  

not even the weekend yet

it was kinda overcast and it sprinkled on us a bit
 the road follows the river...

And then once we got up higher we took a dirt road off the main road to a spot where we had hopes of having a picnic...we love picnics cause it's a way for us to get out in nature and Mom can be included.

... it drizzled so we hung close to the van and ate...which was okay as we soon had some, uninvited but a 10 on the cute scale, company

and he brought some friends....

and they brought some friends...

Steller's Jay

"Hey, get back here with that bread!"

...back on the drive we found all kinds of   "aww" someone's hollyhock flowers

and Mother Nature's flowers adorned the Reservoir...

Ruedi Reservoir 

 My camera is still having problems the lens seems stuck a little and that is why the black circles are in the corners. Sometimes I take the time to edit them out and sometimes I don't...this is the Apsen Yacht Club Marina in the corner of the lake below...

We stopped at this day use area to use the facilities...a family was there paddle boarding...or something similar!

I think a couple of the kids had some problems!  LoL

got mud?

and they walked barefoot on gravel...OUCH!

We turned around in the settlement of the Post Office my sis retired from , it's extremely quaint...

then it was time to head home...

roadside pine siskins

...add our names to the mother-lode plaque of wonderful day trips!

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. CO. is so beautiful. Another great day of adventure. Where did those kids get so muddy they don't look very happy about it. The picnic crasher's look pretty healthy. Love the post office if course.

    1. It's a far drive to go farther afoot so we are revisiting places we been seems to take all day. They were over near the edge where I saw some wild cabbage growing I imagine that area was very muddy....we got hung up in similar mud when we went our Tube of course ours from the knee down only but these kids look like they rolled in it.

  2. Post Offices and Post boxes are gradually disappearing in the UK as less people are using letter mail now. I bet those kids had a great time lots of adventures in their school holidays. Are those flowers by the reservoir lavertaria?

    1. The US Postal Service is a huge department in the US Govt, I don't imagine they want that many people to become unemployed it would be a crushing blow to the economy, so we will have it for many decades more I'm sure. I don't know what flower this is, but it is a shrub type plant.

  3. Wait wait wait .... what was the daily special? (Besides the Mojito?) ... I thought you were vegan. Also i'm not sure that live feed thing is working for me; I wonder if my computer is on some kind of stealth hookup? Because as soon as I looked at it when I read this post (and this is the second one I've read) it just says a viewer from 'mountain view california'.... but honestly I am from Eugene. Now I'm curious. Gonnna' log off, go somewhere else and come back to see what it does. (And also to finish reading your posts).

    1. I found out the Mountain View Ca, thing is people who subscribe and read via email...Google is Located in Mountain View CA! SO I am assuming that is what that's all about!

  4. I click on you from my Feedly list, so i guess that's why it says i'm from mt view -- I suppose Google owns Feedly, they own everything else .


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