Sunday, August 6, 2017

Grizzly Creek Hike

I love hiking! I'm no spring chicken any longer so we chose a couple hikes that were enough of a challenge to satisfy our adventurous spirits, but we could easily get out of bed the next day!  I hiked Wednesday with my younger sis and Thursday with my older one of us could stay with Mom.  I was the lucky one who got to go on both hikes!  Grizzly creek trailhead is just off a rest area along I-70 east of Glenwood Springs.  Glenwood Springs is located along the Colorado river, and the Grizzly Creek empties into the Colorado, so this hike is right alongside a mountain creek full of the song of rushing water. It was not too crowded although we did not have the place to ourselves by any means...every one was spread out far enough to not be a bother to each other. 

The trail flows right up this canyon, it is 4 miles in length if you hike to the connection of No Name trail, but we turned after about 1.5 miles for about a 3 mile hike round trip.  

trailhead parking 

sis on the trail

Grizzly Creek

Lots of Berries of various kinds along the trail...white ones

red ones

blue ones

Yellow ones, 

And where's my photo of the purple ones? Must of forget that one.  

At one point we found this American Dipper hunting, 

...and he caught something dragged it up on the rock to eat...see the "creature" on the rock just in front of the bird?

Maybe one of you can ID this insect/ has a longish tail 

lots of nice little "drops" of the creek we didn't spot any big falls...


at one point a group of younger people, late 20's, passed us and when we came upon them again 2 of the men, who were fully clothed were sitting in the creek...LoL...nature has a way of turning men back into little boys..they frolicked as their friends laughed..totally loved this hike...

...and it ended way too soon!! 

I had intended to combine the 2 hikes into one post....but I think I will split them up be continued... 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Glad you split them up because this one (and i'm sure the Thursday one) deserved its own post -- gorgeous hike. It is no wonder Colorado is the healthiest state with this kind of place to get out into nature. loved the coorful berry series! And of course the water.

    1. Thank you Sallie, there is an endless supply of hiking, biking, rafting, kayaking and more trails! And they have $112 million in marijuana sales a MONTH!! I can't even imagine the crooked politicians behind that kind of money.

  2. All that wonderful water and so clear I can almost hear it running along over the rocks and dead trees. Can't quite tell what the bird caught almost looks like maybe a salamander?
    Can't wait for part 2

    1. Hi Jo! The water is clear and COLD! I still don't know what that thing is I though mayfly nymph but it doesn't really fit that bill either so still wondering.

  3. It great when you clearly name where you are as I can Google Earth it and see the whole area. Again it looks good and I bet I70 is a very scenic drive.
    Our Dippers have a white breast and are great to watch. They are a good indicator as to the state of the river water.

    1. OH yes this section of I-70 runs through Glen canyon, it is a fabulous scenic drive. with tunnels, bridges, the Colorado river, a RR track right beside it, and red rocks to boot! I try to be precise on my locations when I remember to do it.

  4. A beautiful place for a hike, I love watching Dippers, such fast little birds!

    1. Amazing swimmers eh? I still have no ID on that insect he caught.

  5. How fun - hiking with your sisters. You were sounding like Dr. Seuss at one point.

  6. LoL....I think Dr Seuss and I had a lot in common,


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