Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August in the Rockies

The new norm!  My camera won't allow tight zooms much anymore! So....

western wood peewee

At least there is an interesting background to this distant shot...and this was on the fence when I traveled through the valley, so they were close enough, shot through the windshield...

western kingbird and an a female Baltimore oriole birds of a feather don't always flock together...

black billed magpies if you wanna see the yellow billed magpie you gotta go to Southern CA, my sister said that would be the only "reason to go there" she was kidding of course, but I think she was thinking of how hot it is there. 

certainly was not hot when we got up on a rainy morning...

I have enjoyed watching these juvenile ospreys.  One day when I went one of them was exercising his wings...

and when I returned the next day he was gone...

I haven't been to check the nest since last week so I'm sure this one is in the air too by now...Did see another adult with this huge catch nearby...

this little pond is at the rest area I mentioned...

view to the east

and to the west...lots of habitat for insects too

a kingfisher flew over I snapped and this is the result....not a great look at one but he had his wings back in perfect formation...

that was last week...Monday we went on a family picnic and a tube float in the Reservoir.  No Photos of that as I was in the water!  here is our site, what fun although we found a lot of mud at the put in area so next time we must find a mud-less put in, the swimming area is probably better but dogs not allowed in that section.  THE girls and Jimmy loved the swimming. Casey slept in the van while we played. 

Yesterday I drove up Castle Creek Road for a peek at what was there...found LOTS of awesome.

it's stunningly beautiful up there....I had planned to bird  at ACES, (Aspen Center for Environmental Studies) in downtown Aspen...omg Aspen has changed since the world found out how awesome it is...not my cup of tea any longer.  I recall us going to junk shops there in the 80's and finding street parking right outside the store NO MORE that was the good 'ole days.  So happy I found this awesome place of solace.  Once tourists find a place it is ruined forever, ie: Myrtle Beach. 

 since the Western Flycatcher was split I found  the Cordilleran Flycatcher.  It's counter part is the Pacific Slope Flycatcher. 

these violet green swallows enjoyed being on the ground 

finally got a decent look at the plumage on these birds, that's an immature bird on the right 

the mammal of the day was this coyote, he had a lovely thick coat 

today I went for a post the Grizzly Creek Trail, and more. 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. OH MY what gorgeous pictures, the clouds in the middle of the mountains, reflections of clouds in the water and so many more birds. The Kingfisher in flight, the beautiful violet green swallows, great shot of the osprey nest and of course the cabin.
    And a picnic next to the water with a nice float.

    1. HI JO, thanks for your nice head is in constant spin mode here...there is a little bit of ugly with man made junk, but then Places like this make up for that!! My Camera is still taking awesome landscape shots it's letting me down on the zooms, but I'm about ready to pull the trigger on a purchase!! :o)

  2. I love your fourth picture and the one of the ospreys. Even faulty your camera takes good shots. Going back to places you visited years ago can often be a doubled edged sword. But at least now you're able to make a comparison and decide which you like best. no wonder many people go to that area to escape the heat and crowds.

    1. I def liked the old days with less crowds, and more Sis told me to take the bus into Aspen..the thing is Aspen is SO small, it doesn't take much to overcrowd it.

  3. Oh lady! These places you are seeing...the life, the beauty and the solace you are so evidently finding is beautiful to witness. We cannot imagine experiencing what you are with your Mom, but it is hope-filled to see you processing in this way. Huge hugs and may many more fabulous sightings find you.

    1. Howdy and Thanks! It is awesome to have new places to explore and be inspired by. Soon the weather will change to fall and it will be a different experience altogether.

  4. These are amazing pictures.... love them all ... the osprey -- with his fish dinner especially awesome. One of the best dragonfly pix I've seen (they will not ever hold still for me ever). And just the general feeling of solace (a wonderful word which I should use oftener) that comes through the whole post; this is a lovely place.

    We went to Aspen with the CO 'kids' in the summer our first visit after they moved to CO (over ten years ago) and it wasn't too badly crowded -- but not for any of us even then, though we were all glad we saw it once. Myrtle Beach was one of the few places we visited where we honestly couldn't find a single thing to like! We liked to say we're travelers, not tourists. So hopefully, it is not too hypocritical to complain about how tourists can ruin a place.

    1. The Myrtle Beach of old was family oriented cute little bungalow's built in the 40's and 50's and the beach had wooden beach chairs set out and you could rent an umbrella and a nice ocean float to fight the waves all day...then at night the "Pavillion" a perpetual fair with cotton candy, toss games, and pin ball machines ... a wooden roller coaster that would scare paint off the wall...and the boardwalk was not filled elbow to elbow...teens would drive their hot rods down Ocean Blvd, turn around and drive back the other direction...tops down, and wolf whistling...and no one had to worry about being shot or abducted!!


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