Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hot n Hotter!

We've been combining new Town visits with  cemetery runs to grab some photo requests.  Sis had her eye on Pageland, and it was voting day so first Mom and I had to stop and cast our ballot in the special election.  We both voted for the Democratic candidate, Archie Parnell.  I am a progressive but until we have an actual party with a fighting chance, this is as close as I can come. He lost...but we tried. 

After voting we drove about 30 miles to Pageland, SC and we had lunch in the local greasy spoon! 

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I took these photos with the Amazon Fire 7.  I hope to get better at using it, just for photos such as this that I want to post directly on Facebook for the extended and out of state family to see.    The town is really small.  It's 2 blocks in the 4 directions of a down town, here is the main intersection, right outside Lynn's Cafe.  

Lynn's could def use some TLC.... it was the only place we saw to grab a bite to eat. I noticed the curtains where hung on rope...hmmm whatever works!

I liked most of these reproduction signs...but not all. 

especially this one, I love Moon Pies not exactly healthy food tho...

The rest of the photos were taken with my camera...We really liked this little court yard pass through..

here is the town water had been raining earlier, we got a break in the rain just long enough...

to head over to the First Baptist Church....

to the cemetery to look for 20 headstones photo requests...some of the older graves had trees all around, and the cemetery was on both sides of the street. 

the original bell...

Has a big crack as big as the Liberty Bell!  

We are preparing for our trip west....lots to do the weather is HOT and muggy, but the west sounds even worse from what I read on others blogs, so don't know how much of a relief from the heat we will get! I imagine my next post will either be from the road or from our destination! All depends--till then stay cool and drop me a note to let me know how you're coping with the heat!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. The Fire & has good depth of field, and performs well in low light situations, I like the photos. Your Mom is looking well and enjoying the trip. Do you still have your outside shower, as its bound to come in handy with the heat.
    How's your avocado doing, mines fine after the root pruning that I did earlier this year.

    1. I haven't made the outdoor shower yet it's still a work in progress! It is way up on my must have list tho, and I saved all the old shower pipes from the bathroom redo so ALL I need is a place to set it up! MY Avocado is HUGE....IT's 8 ft tall I must get a photo of it, and I will be resetting it in this fall for sure my sis M, gave me a big pot to put it in! It wants to lean over tho, so I'm worried it will break!

  2. Your mom looks well and happy. Hope she doe's well on the long trip. Can you take a more north west direction to try and miss this nasty heat? Your Fire took some nice pictures.

    Have a safe trip

    1. She is doing well knock on wood....after the run of bone breaking she is having a good spell. I have put one of the rear captains chairs back in the van so she can recline and put her feet up for the ride, she will be on oxygen as we travel and I think she will be very comfortable. The front seats in the van don't offer up much leg room so the captain seat gives more comfort, and she can wiggle and stretch...and she can play with the dogs! We are heading across on I-40 then we head north at Nashville, on I-24, then it's I-70 all the way to my sister's homes!

  3. I like the old signs too, gives a place a bit of character I think!

    1. Yeah, the waitress told me they used to have more and some were stolen! People pulled them down and made off with 'em!!

  4. hope your trip is going well and mom and dogs and the whole entourage are having fun. And hope your A/C works -- it is liable to be hot everywhere. Take care and have some fun and take photos if you can!!

    1. Howdy! So we are both in CO! It's been hot but we have AC so that good, the mornings are nice to sit out and enjoy the cool air. Everyone arrived in fine shape, it was a hard trip tho!


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