Monday, June 19, 2017

Homestead Baby

This was a Gift! (thank you SIS) I'm trying to get acquainted with it. The hard part, for me, is keeping my finger on the right thing.  So a learning curve is in progress.  I don't have a smart phone, and this is not a phone, but it has a camera and so I took this photo with the Fire tablet, and uploaded it to Flickr using the fire bluetooth, and SILK, the browser of the tablet.  Of course I'm at home so I used my awesome WiFi, for which I'm so happy. I dumped Verizon it was worth the $150 dollars they charged me to get away from the horrible service I was getting from them. It will be interesting to see how many free wifi spots I can find to use the Fire with as I travel. Sis has one too. SO far I like it.  I have taken to reading your blogs on it in the morning with my coffee it's better than having the heavy laptop in my lap..but it sure makes it hard to type out any kind of comment.

Other happenings around the homestead:

 Boy we've had a lot of rain lately and rain means 70% and sometimes more.   That means sweat and way too much of it...while doing nothing! You will sweat just thinking of being outdoors.  But one thing the heat brought to my attention is what's going on in the pasture and the martin houses...not martins, check it out...

I zoomed in as far as I could and it still be in focus...

...not talking about the decoy I put up hoping the martins would actually return (I have had no purple martins since Sundance passed away) But I'm talking about the Great Crested Flycatcher this is the female, and look down to the right!! HER baby is trying to cool off by sticking his head out of the gourd.  Poor thing it's probably sweltering in there, and I wonder how many are in there?  Hopefully more than just the one.

These birds nest here every year.  I'm always so happy to know they are being successful with their nesting...and I'm happy to provide space for them to nest.  They always like to put a snake skin in their nest, when I clean out the gourd each yr It's always fun to see what they consider a snake skin, its sometimes just some clear plastic and sometimes it really is a snake skin, We have plenty of snakes around here, and lizards too...

An anole, they change color depending on what they are sitting is his shade of coppertone!  They inflate that red sack under the chin to attract mates.  

Maybe I can get a shot of the bluebirds soon...I took a couple but they were so out of focus... I think my camera is starting to wear out, its getting hard to get good crisp shots.  Wow look what I found on my hibiscus plant...a creepy crawly...some kind of mole cricket?

This northern cardinal is eating a similar type insect for dinner...

This particular bird loves to perch right outside my window...he has a favorite branch.

I tried to get a decent shot of the Blue Grey Gnatcatcher, a dogwood twig got in the way then he scurried off so fast I couldn't get another shot before he disapeared in the heavy cover. These little birds are fast movers!

Some of the wild flower transplants, Rudbeckia.

Doing well so far...and the rain helps too.  

Tuesday I will be voting! So happy we have a chance to regain some seats in the Senate.  SC is one of the states having a midterm election.  I am putting my vote on Archie Parnell! The Dems threw some money his way so I hope people have seen his ads on the TV and the signs on the roadsides...I do believe it was the lack of Signs that added to the defeat of Hillary...people seem to follow the candidate whose name they have seen while moving through their lives the most.  I wish politics could be like it was in the old days when people backed candidates and not corporations.  Lately politics make my head spin about like these Moon Shells I picked up on the beach in TX.  Some people call these Shark Eyed Moon Shells.  I found a whole handfull of perfect ones, they were laying all over the place. 

Story time: OUCH!

Although sorry seems to be the hardest word, I don't think so.  I remember from my teen years.  I only heard it once.  I was 17 so that tells  you how dang long ago this happened!! I wanted to drive Mom's car, the only car we had, to Charlotte, NC to a concert to see the group called America! The group actually formed in England where they met while being station with their fathers who were in the US Air Force.   They had that song "A Horse With No Name".  I laid out my plan,  me and my 3 girlfriends ages 16, 17, and 16, would pile into mom's car drive 160 miles to Charlotte, see the concert, stay over one night and then return the next day.  Simple as that...and she listened quietly and then she said just the one word...


Stung like a wasp it did. She was right of course. 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Can you load books on the Fire? I love my Kindle but it only does books. Did you take all the pictures on this post with the Fire? I'm just full of questions tonight. The pictures are nice a clear. Last week when my grand kids were here they left a Fire behind. I guess the babies were playing with it but the battery was dead I cleaned all the kid gooey stuff off and charged it but she has a code so I could see what it was all about. But it did look like lots of kid games and movies.

    1. I took only the top photo with fire and yes it has a book app,it has a web browser too. It is good for lots of things it also takes video you can Skype with it so far its great!

  2. I went through the desert on a horse with no name......I remember America. To me they seemed to be heavily influenced by The Byrds. I think your Mom said what the majority of parents would have said.
    You have a good selection of birds in your garden and its always a bonus when they nest. Our garden is really too small and too busy for nesting. I've put bird boxes up but no success. We also have a lot of cats in the neighbourhood so that a good reason for the birds not to nest.
    I've read about the Fire 7 and its looks very good value and in fact I've been thinking about getting one too so it will be interesting to see how you get on with it. For me it is not a substitute for a PC or laptop but it would have its uses and the drawback away from home is that you are dependent on good WiFi.

    1. It is Very affordable. Of course you have to customize it to suit your interests. We don't have the bird numbers we once had here a sharp decline...due to logging around us.

  3. Hey there! Wonderful nature sightings and how cool you have G.C. Flycatchers nesting there....exciting!!! :) Stay cool lady.

    1. I look forward to watching them nest each yr.

  4. I must admit I find it easier to comment using my good old laptop rather than my smart phone. It's easier to actually type! Lovely to have the Flycatchers nesting every year, lovely little birds. We've had a mini heatwave here but i'm not sure it compares to your temperatures!

    1. I heard on TV news GB was having a heat wave hope it gets back to normal...if there will ever be normal weather again.

  5. I would probably trade purple martins for those birds if I couldn't have both. Beautiful around your place these days and I laughed at your story. Its funny to look back and know how often mom was right after all isn't it? (I hope my kids have realized the same thing -- heck I hope my grandkids have. Jeez everybody is getting so old. How does that happen?

    Get a stylus to use with your Fire. I can't type with my fingers at all. (It's still slower than with a keyboard, but you get better with practice). I only use my pad to read and comment when we're traveling. Like right now.

    1. Hey glad to hear from you I know you're on the road! I found an awesome little "tablet holder" and it came with a stylus for $8 at Big lots I got a grey one and sis got a black one, so now we are hitting the right key more and more still need some training. I Have trouble holding mine with my bad left I can only use it for like 20 mins and I have to put it down. It is fun to have tho, so I'm enjoying it.


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