Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy Independence Day!

When I went to the solid waste facility the day before we left, I spotted this Killdeer with chicks.  These are the cutest babes ever!! Little fluff balls with huge feet!

The Journey was EPIC...simply because we made it so! We had ice cream too many times, and stayed in some nice motor inns, and some not so nice ones...ate fast and junk food till we felt comatose, and stopped at soooo many gas stations.  We felt we could have made it in 2 overnights on the road but we ran into this pictured below time and time again, some delays as long as 2 hrs and 45 minutes!  When you have daily delays of that length it all adds up to an extra day of travel!  Our last day was a final push of 318 miles. Now the getting here is behind us and we are trying to attain quasi normal. 

Well it is July 4th weekend and gas price is low now so everyone hit the road.  

We stopped in Paducah, KY to tour this historic mansion that is now a Rest Area on I-24!  A stunning place!  Whitehaven, c-1860. 

It was stunning...and there was an elevator for Mom so she got to enjoy the entire tour.  It is chock full of period antiques, and some family photos, and historical memorabilia. 

Finally we got out of St Louis it took FOREVER!! I have sworn off St Louis, if I never see it again it will be too soon!! Then onto Kansas, the Sunflower State, and then into the Rockies, west of Denver, and over the mountain passes...

It was stop and go through the passes, but finally everyone got moving!

Mom and I are spending some time in a wonderful area...and the view is awesome, 

and lots of interesting things to find.  Like the birds that hang close by...the Say's Phoebe.

 and the Blue Gray Gnatcatcher for starters.   

The trees and rocks are amazing! I dig this orange lichen. 

It is a very dry arid area, centrally located...  you can drive an hour in various directions and be in the Alpine High Country of Grand Mesa, or Aspen, or up the Frying Pan River.   I hope to share lots of awesome locations during my time here.  We have plans for some day trips, some scenic drives, and later on next month I hope some camping.  Nothing is written in stone! First we need to shake off the road dust and get our rhythm section going! 

Enjoy the 4th of July! 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Love the little Killdeer chicks. The traffic would have sent me over the edge. All the other pictures are grand and just seeing the snow up on the mountains was sooo wonderful.
    Rest up and I'll be waiting for your next adventure

    1. The traffic was the worst I've ever encountered, It was In every state, but Kansas! There is still lots of snow on the high peaks! But yesterday it got up to 94 here! Down to 63 last evening that was great.

  2. The traffic does not look fun! But the rest of it does, there's some stunning view!

    1. Colorado has some lovely scenery! A lot of diversity too.

  3. Beautiful place to land -- every part of Colorado is scenic in its own way! The road trip doesn't look too bad, all things considered (many states have that two-season thing going on: winter and road construction). Glad your mom got to visit that stately mansion. Elevators are good things!

    1. She was Ohhhing and Awwwing all the way through. We hope to start some sight seeing tomorrow! It's been hard for Mom getting used to the lower levels of Oxygen so that has kept us close to home, but things are improving!

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