Saturday, June 3, 2017

Dog Canyon Weekend

Finally I found Dog Canyon!  

Exactly what I was hoping for a small almost empty campground with so much natural beauty and charm that a weekend is not even enough to explore this little piece of heaven.  Dog Canyon has corrals for horses, so if you have horses you want to bring up...but the trails are rocky! 

SO...personally I would think twice about riding a horse...a invitation for leg or foot problems.  Lots of hiking trails, and backpacking ops here too.  

There is a small tent campground under big trees, 

and then there's 4 slots for "other" and since I am not set up for walk in tent sites I had to take one of the 4 "rv parkng" slots. There is one flush toilet by the tent camping, and no showers and no hookups.  

One other trailer was there a retired couple who full time in a small camp trailer.  The ranger is a nice young fellow about my son's age, and he was fun to chat with he loves the serene out off the beaten path location and he lives on site.  He feeds the humming birds and he came down and told me he had seen a Magnificent at the feeder late yesterday so I went up and sat on his porch for an hr I saw only the broadtailed hummers.  

Later when I hiked I found some in the trees 

There is a lot to do here you can drive up on the ridge road its a scenic gravel road, on this weekend they were doing a prescribed burn, and I was ready to just spend a day relaxing and doing a little hiking and poking around.   

I hiked around Indian Meadows or the Nature Trail It is a nice loop an easy walk to enjoy the plants, insects, and birds.  

and this is NOT the photo I wanted of the Acorn Woodpecker but this was the only chance he gave me! 

Got a good look at his handy work!

Another couple came in Saturday they were in place when I returned from my hike.  The had a small air stream, from California, and on their way to Oklahoma to see their son get his Master's Degree.  They told me he is 49 yrs old! You're never too old to go for it.  They were so proud.  And I am not one to include people or their property in my blog, but I was tempted to put their cat on...he goes so easily on a leash.  A beauty of a cat too...anyway take my word,  Now you know all I know about them. I did get a nice tour of their classic 30 yr old airstream..He explained his solar set up and I think I could duplicate such a set up in the DLEX. 

It was a nice cool evening and the next day I took it even easier...wandered around the area, and some backpackers came off the trail and set up on the campground. Seems many use hammocks in lieu of tents and sleeping bags these days.  There was a says phoebe nesting here on the back of the sign...

Found this drowsy looking Canyon Towhee...

And so far this has not been disputed a Hutton's Vireo....the eye ring does not go all the way hope Im correct. Had to crop this shot...

He followed me for a while on the Tejas Trail, where I did not hike the whole loop but did a section of it..enjoyed seeing the following...

an agave putting out a bloom stalk

the ranger told me this hillside had been burned last season. so some wildflowers were freshly the indian paintbrush 

and this one blue-eyed grass...a lovely flower!

Pines march up the hillside...

Dog Canyon is a very special is a long drive to get there and that is why it is not popular, and there is no room here for really big its quaint and cozy.  The ranger won't put up with any rowdy behavior and noise as he lives here that's why I chose to stay here rather than Lincoln National Forest land not far away. 

Sunday morning I pulled out retraced my route back on hwy 130 to hwy 285 north. 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. It is out of the way, but at least the ranger station is marked on Google maps. Yopu found lot to see and photograph there. Hwy 285 is where Roswell is situated and the famous alien sighting. I was trying to work out your route back to SC. But I'll have to wait and see.

    1. It is quite a remote park! No roads to speak of, that's why I didn't stay there on Thursday night just decided to hit Walmart instead and then see the cavern then find Dog Canyon, it is in a beautiful spot.

  2. Nice place, worth looking for and spending a few days. I love the vine in the tree it almost looks like a pair of twisted glasses. (Yes I have quite an imagination). Great place for the bird nest. Got a great shop of the hummer with the sun showing his jeweled colors

    1. Thank you Jo, I think one could easily spend a couple weeks at Dog Canyon, and stay interested in being there. Many trails to hike some could be done as an overnight...then the ridge road I was told the views are awesome..if not for the prescribed burn I would have enjoyed that. AND the ranger told me he gets 10 or 20 hummers at his feeders once the young fledge and the territory fights calm that would be interesting to see and photograph and hope for a new one to pop up.

  3. What a magical hidden place -- I loved this tour. So glad you found it -- it was perfect for you (and would be OK for us now with our RoadTrek, if we were ever lucky enough to be back in that area).

    1. Yes put it on your bucket list...its not far from Carlsbad, so combining the two worked for me. Just make sure you have everything you need with you. There is some sort of store down a dirt road to a place called Queen. I had no reason to go so I didn't.


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