Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring into it!

Spring is happening so fast this year for us, so far *knock on good wood* no late frost to kill the buds! 

So we have had some good flowers up to now... I have been working on the projects as usual just because I don't mention it doesn't mean it's not happening...I have been slow on progress tho..

I have changed my Mifi service so now I'm u against a lower data allowance and that means less photos uploaded so on my trips to Lowes I take my laptop and upload photos while Im there using their free guest Wifi however it is takes twice as long as my Verizon Wifi..but FREE is fast enough!

I am hoping to get in at least ONE spring trip am cooking up some possible locations without so much driving involved as for some reason gas has hopped back up around here, and less driving means more birding, hiking, and sightseeing! 

So one more finished project is the bench I made from wood on my scrap pile, its just a simple wooden bench to sit down and put on or take off shoes...and some coat hooks.  The end legs are made up of some of the cabinet doors I got off the free pile 2 yrs ago at the habitat store! I've used almost every single one of them I got like 16 doors of various sizes. Most of them went to build a cover for the water heater it has not been painted yet so when I get it painted Ill show you the finished project on that...

The top of the bench is made up of some really heavy duty 2 x 8's previously used in the house for shelving!

I have been for a few weeks, building this vanity for the bathroom,,,,also made up of scrap and free stuff...I finally got it into the bathroom and yesterday I put the top on  it.  

I put 3 coasts of Marine Varnish on the top so I hope it will be water proof enough...

This is the sink I Picked up at Habitat Store...and I purchased the faucet on sale at Lowes...there again its el'cheapo....hope it will last at least a couple years! 

 and installed the sink!! 

I finished off the backsplash with the left over tile from the tub surround tile, I would rather have left it without a backsplash but in the long run I think I'll be happy I did put the tile on as it will prevent water damage to the wall....and that's why I'm at Lowes today to get some Grout Caulk...I have only a few seams of grout to do SO not mixing up a batch just for that.  

Hung the same Mirror back up what was in here before....I have to grout that tile, put the handle on the cabinet door, put on the toilet seat and I think Ill paint over the electric outlet same as wall color I put in a almond ones they look awful so Ill paint it and the wall all I need is water and LET"S keep our FINGERS crossed my plumbing work doesn't leak!!

The vanity is a 36 x 22 x 34 tall....I'm pretty happy with it ---- its a one of a kind!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I LOVE your custom-designed and -made do such good work. I'm so envious of your beautiful Spring flowers, especially the daffys ... We don't get the typical Spring flowers this far south, dang it. I miss them. Fingers crossed for no late frost for y'all!

    1. I love spring flowers they don't last long tho...Thanks for your comment on my "custom design" I couldn't come up with the right words!

  2. Fantastic job on the vanity and as a matter of fact the enite house. I have almost the same faucets in my bathroom, I love the swivel goose neck.

    And all those beatiful flowers. I haven't bought any this year they die from the heat really fast.

    Your bench is a nice make over of used lumber and a great place to take off or put on shoes.

    1. Thank you Jo, I do like that goose neck swivel on the bath faucet hope it will hold up it is a Pfiester brand. These flowers are our perennials I rarely buy flowers I do buy seed packs and put some in the pots we have around.

  3. You've done a good job on this bathroom. Spring is here too and we've had some sunny days lately. Our gas prices are creeping up too, they are just over a £1 [about $1.60?] per gallon, but about 70% of our gas price is tax.

    1. Thank you Dave...and you hit a point that is my opinion of WHY we don't have more sustainable energy...the taxes collected on our OLD energy is quite a bucket of cash...makes one wonder eh?

  4. You are so awesome!! You know I admire you so much for all this work! It looks fabulous. That sink counter is just beautiful! Great work!! I didn't realize or forgot you weren't living at your house. When is move in happening??

  5. ....well I saw your bath make over it was so hip and cool compared to mine! I'm afraid to go fact Im painting over soft yellow LoL. Well the truth is IM not in my house because of My Mom but I really must move forward if I can make it work...


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