Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Front Line

On the Home Front:
Well I got 6 and a 1/2 pints of Jam from my berries! Its yummy too..and some plums are on the 
way to ripe maybe by the 4th I will be plum picking!  We have no travel plans for the 4th is not a good time to travel anyway...way to many drunks celebrators on the road! 

On the Blog Front: During the time my blog roll was not working I did some clean up! A lot of people had just given up their blog and hadn't updated in a long time so I deleted those.  I thought Blogger would go to the Dead Zone! Glad it didn't....Yet! 
BUT it could happen. Do you get annoyed with those on your blog roll who you visit and comment regularly and they never reciprocate? I have run into that and after a good- hearted try I just stop visiting and eventually delete that blog from my roll, this way I can better manage my online time and my blog call roll fits neatly on one page! 

On the Nature Front: I guess its a balancing act there too! Ha. Found this Dragon fly up on the wire he seemed to be trying to keep his balance!
 I've seen lots of dragon flies around! More than a normal number...and frogs too!

A couple frogs found their way into our water collection barrels and now we have tadpoles in both of the short barrels! I moved a few of them to my water garden!! 

They sing loud at night!! Almost too loud wont be long till they will be looking for new digs I imagine!
On the Hobby Front:
Been trying to figure out how to get macro shots  with this Panasonic camera! I have found out a few things it does not have long range zoom in the A-S-P settings..only Auto! It has 2 auto settings so it serves the need but I do enjoy some macro now and first couple of attempts, these are not extreme macros which I want to try at some point..I do need to get the tripod out its just awkward to handle.

And here are the plums I'm waiting on...they are nearly ready.  Once they turn more orange in color they will be sweet..If I pick too early they will be too tart.

On the Bird Front:
Two things! First Wood Thrushes--oh the beautiful song they lures me into the woods in my bare feet trying to snap a photo of them...for some reason they are up high in the trees I don't know maybe training young, maybe eating the wild cherry's not suitable for human consumption but just right for birds! Whilst out looking for them I found this
 Just to show that birds work well together! I heard the ruckus and went to investigate! Its a little shaky in the beginning, ok well its shaky throughout but you will see why..


                                                   AND yes I did get him down...

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I bet that cardinal was happy you were there. Yikes! What kind of snake was that. I would have paid to see you get him down.

    1. It was not to hard to get him down...I grabbed a piece of wood and took a swing...knocked him down and he slithered away!! Its a black rat snake I think!

  2. I had a bit of a clean up on my blog following list a few days ago.
    I seem to be spending less time on blogger, and internet in general these days. Probably the summer months and I like to get out and take pictures. Once the weather turns too bad though, I guess I'll go back to spending more time indoors and the net.
    The flower macro looks good to me. The camera seems to be doing its job, with you behind the lens.
    Nice video too. Glad you helped the birds out.

    1. Well mine had some really old ones that hand't blogged in eons. Here is a catch 20 in summer...all the birds, flowers insects are out but the heat is on so this is our bad time of year...kinda.

  3. I enjoyed all the parts of your life you shared. Food,frogs, fotography and bird... all except maybe the snake. I always have said I'm not particularly frightened of snakes and kind of enjoy looking at them. But I forgot that the little devils eat bird's eggs. Now I guess I'll have to join the snake haters that most women seem to belong to. You did good getting it down.

  4. PS I don't keep a blog roll as Typepad doesn't have that feature. I use Feedly to check in with my favorites ... not as often when we're traveling as I do when we're home, but when we have some downtime, then my favorite people's posts are there waiting for me!

  5. I'm sure happy you went to the rescue. Now I know these are good snakes for rats and other nasty critters but leave the birds alone. I hate snakes good or bad.
    Wish I could taste some of your jam. Plumbs are looking good too. I should clean up more of my roll too instead of adding more. Can't get around to them all.

    I'm also having trouble finding the macro on my new Canon and I thing with the use of my tripod I would have more luck with some great shots.

  6. Wow that snake video is cool! Not something I've ever seen around here.


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