Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Panasonic has arrived!

This is the Camera I purchased! That's a stock photo...Its  Panasonic Lumix DCM FZ70K 60X geeze such a long name! I'm going to sort of review it here. The link takes you direct to the seller on Ebay where I  got this one. It is re-manufactured and I wouldn't even consider that except it comes with a 90 day warranty! So I figure that's a good a deal as any. 

Item picture

WHY DID I SELL THE CANON REBEL, you ask? was too heavy for me to use "out in the field" which is where I wanted to use it...generally I dont' use a tripod unless its a waterfall and if its a long hike I've been known to use a rock for a weight is an issue for me...Changing lenses is a P.I.A. If you're in the field snapping shots of a flower and then a bird zooms by you're a bridge is the way for me..

WHY I CHOSE THIS OVER THE main competitor in long zooms....the CANON  SX 50? 
Well I watched a few SX's on Ebay and they went to $300.  Even used ones were up to $250  and the megapixel is 12.1 this Lumix is 16.1 megapixels. I've never owned a Panasonic camera before so I have to get familiar with the layout...I've owned Minolta, Kodak, and Canon in the digital line.  So here is my first shot its right out of the window of my thru a pane of glass..

and even closer....

Here is a shot of distance so you can is the back yard (no grass thanks to 2 dogs whose names I won't mention)...see the picket fence line at the back? Look to the right of the open gate there is a bird feeder on a taller post, it looks like a black spot about mid-line here 

standing in exact spot zoomed it in on feeder and a cardinal feeding....its a 60 X pretty good...this is hand held so IF I'm not moving too much I can get a decent shot...

I did notice its slow to focus sometimes in branches...but I found that with the Canon too, so mostly I manual focused that camera which was another drawback due to my wrist function...

So far I'm pleased..I am having trouble with the video it tells me "the card has been formatted by outside sources"...its an old card I've used in a couple of cameras so I will get a new card on my next trip to came with battery (I have to order one more I like to have at least ONE back up ready to go) charger, lens cover, neck strap, booklet and software. 

Its light 1 lb and 6 oz.  CONS: I am not crazy about the location of the zoom button, I wold prefer it at the right back where you thumb can operate the zoom and the forefinger the release button...but its located on the edge of the release button...

And the Display Icons are scattered everywhere so It will take some time to get used to what all this far I'm only shooting in AUTO mode till I get used to as of today I like it...and plan to keep it if it screws up hopefully it will be within 90 days. I can buy extended warranty... I don't know if I will do that...gotta think it over do y'all do that? So now its time to get out there and photograph!!

Bye for NOW!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Looks like you made the right decision. Those are beautiful close ups . You have to watch out for those outside sources. The waving cardinal made me laugh.

  2. I also returned the rebel, it was so heavy and then it needed more lenses to get what I wanted. I did buy the Canon PowerShot SX50Hs I'm very happy with it but yes buttons can be a problem. I couldn't understand why my shots would not come clear, Because I fat fingered the video button have some nice video of the road as I was walking and clearly could her me talking about blurred pictures, DAH

    You pictures are great such clarity hope it continues to make you happy.

  3. Gorgeous close ups--oh my gosh!

  4. Hi Sondra.... I haven't even figured out all the thing on my camera I have had 2 years LOL
    Yes it can be heavy some to tote some around !! Looks like you may have a winner there!!
    I sure loved that Cardinal great shot's!!


  5. Great closeups. I have to go see what I have. It is a Panasonic Lumix but must not have so much magnification. Or else the operator of mine isn't as good (ya think?)

  6. Impressive results Sondra.

    I've been looking at the Canon SX for a while; and now you throw this one in the mix! lol

    1. I think either one would be a good buy Keith!

  7. That is some damn good zoom! I hope it serves you well on your adventures!


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