Thursday, May 15, 2014

Call Me Al....

field of Ragwort & Thistle

Today Mom has a Dr appt. first recheck after being released...its been a hard week for me! I'm adjusting to the new format, but its frustrating for her and me...but isn't that the way life is sometimes? So now my knee decides to act up and give me misery...I hurt my knee in the fall last yr..I thought it was just heavy bruising but as time went on I realized its way more than that! Probably a meniscus tear!! The last couple of days ---Holy Grail---it hurts like H**L

grackle in the swamp

Oh well you just complain and go on...I guess when it stops moving all together I'll have to cry for help.
I've been on a couple of bird search outings for my Big Day Search while mom was in the hospital...but I'm not ready to report my findings yet I had one really good day..but I hope I can do better! There is still time so I'll report when Im ready to throw in the towel between now and the 25th of June!  I'm trying like crazy to arrange a trip for means coordinating  

Pitcher Plant Blooms

Meanwhile the garden has been under constant attack from critters seen and unseen! I think mostly its squirrels! So every piece of netting, wire, planking i have has been called into action to try and save some of it...lettuce is about done, carrots and Kale are doing well...made a rhyme could you tell? Ha! 

Green beans and onions growing well...

The tomatoes were eaten down I had to start over and I put up the most awful ugly barricade around them to try and keep the varmints out..and I put my security guard AL on the job!

I don't think they are scared of him!! I may have wasted my $10!

I use these cool water shutoffs to do my watering, got this one at Walmart a couple yrs shuts the water off you just turn the hose on, rotate the timer to how long you want it to run for and it shuts off so you don't have to worry if you forgot to go turn it off!

I bought this cool pocket hose too..its light weight and you can coil it up so easy...I recommend one if you're tired of lugging heavy garden hoses around!

here it is coiled in a bucket ready to go!

Not much else going on I got my van back from my son, it was is in horrible shape...dang I'm trying to get it ready for a trip in case I do get to take one...I need to have some suspension work done, already had one wheel bearing, rotor, and caliper needs a new windshield...and I'm removing (well did already) that low hanging TV console thing it was useless! I don't watch TV when camping I do have a 7" DVD player I bring along in case of rain...and it sits anywhere so don't need a big huge heavy TV rocking over my head

 here is a before..

and after...
I do have to enclose this opening...but want to make it available for storage of lightweight items so I'm still brain storming on what I want to do with that.

see no more droop!  It opens up the headroom in the cab a lot!!

...and to help pay for all this costly stuff I'm still selling on Ebay, its been slow tho for a couple weeks!

Here is a cool thing I found to resale..

a carpenters tool holder, its quite well used so I'd say its Vintage!
The best thing is it didn't cost me anything I found it in the "going to the trash pile trailer" behind the Habitat Store! Tiz my honey hole!
So that's how things are going around DixxeLand for now..hope its smooth sailing for all of y'all.

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. The garden's looking good! Even with all the critter protection. Nice job on the TV removal too- I can't imagine needing that, plus I see it takes VHS?! The only tapes I still have are ones my mom taped for me when I was a kid- mostly Care Bears cartoons and maybe some random Christmas specials. Oh and I have one of those hoses too! I love it!

  2. I hope your trip comes to be! You definitely deserve one. We're getting our camper van ready for a trip too. Bill said he hopes we can still afford to go after he gets the van in shape. Maybe not in as bad shape as yours, but it has been sitting all winter here in Oregon. I hope you knee gets better soon...sounds painful --- and I'm glad your mom is doing a little better.

  3. Yes life can throw some stuff at us. Happy to hear your mom is doing better. Your knee on the other hand if it is a tare will not mend on it's own so pay attention to it.

    I like the gizmo on the water faucet and I do have the hose. Garden looks good. Can't have one here to hot and sunny in my yard.

    Hope you get to go on an adventure soon. Yep taking out the TV was a good idea and will help give more storage.

  4. Geez, sorry to hear about your knee. I sure hope it's not a tear. Maybe it will magically get better. Your garden looks great. Our neighbor got to raid ours after we left. But all the green tomatoes did turn red in a paper bag with a semi green banana.


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