Thursday, February 7, 2013

Found a P-nut, It was rotten!

I'm planning to finish the repair to this floor this weekend! Thats the plan, if my back holds out...I dont mind working on a ladder, but squatting and stooping OH My aching back..
Here is the stage the floor was at last refresh your memory..under 2 layers of carpet, there was a layer of old tile and under that a layer of 1/4 inch underlayment...held on by one zillion nails...

NOW once I pulled up the underlayment over in that right corner...
SURPRISE I found a major ROTTEN SPOT! I dont know IF it was termite or water damage, there does appear to be water damage on the wall under the window, so AN improperly caulked window on the outside may be the cause, I have caulk to fix that problem and I have ripped out most of the rot,

You can see the damage below the window to the paneling.... the SUBFLOOR too!
SO I have a plan whether it will work or not, your guess is as good as MINE all I know is I am going to try and do this!! I imagine it wont be perfect when its done but it will be better than it is NOW!   I will replace the subfloor boards with 1 x 6 treated and Ive purchased 48 ft of pine flooring, but its 4 inch wide and this old floor is 3.25 inch wide..SO the boards have to be ripped down to the right width..I think Ill rip the boards first then cut the various lengths...I know the joints have to be staggered in order to look right so I will cut every other one to different lengths so the joints dont match up and create a line, YES Ive been watching THIS OLD HOUSE on PBS for years! NOW If I just had all the tools they have...For some reason the power tools mysteriously disappeared from the tool shed the week my X moved out although those items were not on his list...hmm

SO this is the other side of the room  its Great! Wish me luck and IF i can stil move when its done Ill update with my progress!  I have also removed the carpet from the adjourning room beyond that glass door, its a small room that was used as a Home Office but I am thinking Library/Media Room! It had a built in window seat that I removed! I will try to remember to take photos i forgot the before's of that, its a blank slate right now.

The Ebay selling is going pretty good so far, IT will help to pay for some of the numerous repairs I have to do ....and the sweater man didnt contact me, so I guess he was pleased. 



  1. Looks like such a huge undertaking. I admite your resolve to tackle it! I would have thrown up my hands. When done though, i bet it will be lovely and the sense of well done will ne worth it all.

  2. I can't tell you how much I admire your energy and motivation and you just seem to be able to turn your hand to anything!!! Where on earth do you get all the knowledge from, it can't only be from tv programmes?

    Good luck with the rest of it and...MIND THAT BACK!!!!

  3. Haha so glad the sweater never came back to haunt you! Bummer on the power tools. The floor is looking great though, hope your plans for the rotten part pan out without much stress (mental or on your back!).

  4. Oh gosh, as a victim, er perpetrator, of many a remodel job I can tell you that I hate to find surprises like that -- eeeeek! Good luck.

  5. Wow! You are doing a great job renovating! I love you had a brave fox sparrow. So cool.:)


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