Thursday, February 21, 2013

A story to share...

This is so cute I have to share...
My mom is a lovely lady 88 yrs old.  Each morning we sit at the kitchen table and have morning coffee and watch the activity at the bird feeder...

My mom drinks from a cup that is a souvenir from the state of PA. She decided to read aloud to me the facts that were written around the she read to me:
"The state tree is the Hemlock, and did you know its the Keystone State?"
"Yes I knew that, but I don't have a clue what that means."
She replies "me neither." then she continues...the state motto, and then...
"The state bird is the," here she pauses, then she continues ..."the ruffff..." another pause..
then.."the Ruffled Grouch."

I immediately broke into hysterical laughter and spurted coffee all over myself...she looked up and said
IT was just so funny and I laughed all day off and on, each time I recalled her saying Ruffled Grouch..instead of the Ruffed Grouse...she had it very close I think I ruffled her feathers by laughing but it was such a cool mistake, it was one of those the end we both laughed...and that brought to mind another story..

My sister and her husband traveled to Yellowstone park one yr, and they called to give us an update on their trip thus far, and I listened to my Mom's end of the conversation as they recited to her the list of animals they had seen on their day in the park...Mom recited each one out loud so I could hear what they were seeing so as my sister said "buffalo" my mom repeated toward me, nodding BUFFALO, then it was Coyote, she repeated, then Moose, she repeated, then it was Western Tanager, my eyebrows went up in approval, and then she said
and MY EYEBROWS went down as I recited back... 
"ALBATROSS, no way"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(possibly only my bird-brain bloggers will get this as  a hilarious mis ID of some kind of gull, as the albatross lives its entire life out to sea)...

ebay 4 002
this  could be a ruffled grouch?

ebay 4 004
and this was Lunch!!!



  1. Great story Sondra.
    Your mum sounds like a great lady. :-)

  2. I know a few ruffled grouches! And few of the just plain kind too ;>) Your mom sounds like a fun lady!


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