Tuesday, January 29, 2013

SweaTing Details!

DO YOU EBAY? I mean sell on ebay?
Well since I inherited all that STUFF as seen in my last few posts....I decided to ebay some of the stuff...and so far its been going really well....up until the SWEATER!

OKay I listed the Geoffry Beene sweater that I found in one closet.  Its black n cream in color ...hand made.  Well I listed it.

Much to my surprise someone purchased it! Then when I got it out in the day light I saw the collar was dirty! SO on the label it said hand wash lay flat to dry..
SO I did...but I didnt have time to take it out of the water so I let it sit and "soak" all day while I was at work..

the black color ran on the cream color and now its black and dingy cream! WHY OH WHY didnt I just let the stain on the collar slide?
So I wrang it out well and now its BEEN 2 days and its NOT DRY YET...
THIS has become the sweater from HELL-0-
SO now I have placed it on a heat vent to dry...
NOW do I send it to the guy and if he wants his money back just refund the money and tell him to keep the sweater as my gift??

3 days of my life on Planet Earth have been consumed by worries over a $3 profit????Geeze thats just wrong.
Meanwhile the subfloor is GONE! It nearly did me in and I didnt get a photo...Ill snap one next time!



  1. Some days things are sent to try us! lol

    Maybe the guy will still love the sweater; I would.
    Congrats on the floor. Must have been hard work.

  2. I have thought about trying Ebay. I don't know what's stopping me. Maybe because I don't have a black and white sweater to sell.

  3. Yep, eBay is a nightmare sometimes! I spent part of a year living off ebay- buying stuff at a by-the-pound goodwill outlet and selling it. It's stressful for sure- hope the sweater situation works itself out. Maybe tell him what happened and see if he still wants it?

  4. Oh dear....CLANG!!! That is just the sort of thing that might happen to me, your heart must have sunk when you came home from work and found what had happened. No help on what to do I'm afraid.

  5. How funny! I've never sold or bought anything on EBay -- don't think I could handle the stress.

  6. Hi Sondra, I commented on this yesterday but think it has gone into your Blogger spam folder which happened with a lot of blogs I commented on yesterday :-(

    Anyway, Oh dear....CLANG!!! What a shame! You must have been horrified when you discovered what had happened. Just the sort of thing that would happen to me. No advice on what to do I'm afraid.

  7. I read this post the other day, but it was too early in the morning to conjur up words!! This is exactly like something that would happen to me! Be sure to let us know what you decided to do!

    1. Once the sweater finally dried, I put it in a priority envelope and mailed it! SO when he gets it if he wants a refund Ill issue and it and tell him to keep the sweater!


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