Sunday, March 11, 2012

Noisey Neighbors

Yesterday and today was remarkable! One couldnt ask for a prettier spring day if one ordered it up--its way early to be having this wonderful weather tho..everything is at least a month early.

 I worked in my garden setting up a cold frame to get my beans n squash going early...I predict (drum roll please) no more winter for the Midlands of SC.  We had only a hand ful of days where it went below freezing in the dead of winter so only a complete freak of nature could bring a freeze in now.  I need to make a manure run..YEP I usually haul manure this time of yr to introduce some red wigglers into my soil..(and some Good Earth into my soul)

... above me the red shouldered hawks were courting...its the only answer to the way they behaved all day long screeching, dive bombing each other then cuddling, and soaring, they must have been exhausted is all I can say...I grabbed the camera and got fuzzy photo as he soared away, a couple of awful short vids, and most of the time they were flying by at the speed of light...MY camera is so noisey when in Video mode, its contstantly focusing and making this groaning sound...i got several fairly good bits followed by me moving the camera, or losing sight of the hawks, wish I could cut and edit the bad parts out but I dont have Quicktime Pro is what it is.

The happy couple noisey neighbors have been building the nest for a while and its WAYYYY up near the top of a 100 ft pine so dont expect any photos of little fuzzy headed chicks, I would need a 100ft cherry picker to get that shot...

I dont do a lot of YouTube so Question for those that do, can you combine several clips together from different videos to make One Video? If so HOW?
Thanks for the visit and hope you had a great weekend like I did, back to work tomorrow another week X'd off the countdown!!



  1. I have a program on my Mac that I use to string clips together. There might be one on PCs too. Then I upload it to You Tube

    Your weather looks so NICE!

  2. Neat that you have them nesting next door in their treetop home.
    I enjoyed the videos!

  3. Oh man those Red-shouldereds can YELL. I set one off a month or two ago in an otherwise silent little wooded area- seriously heart-stopping!

  4. well shot videos - very nice indeed.

  5. I think you should buy that ladder ;>)..... the cold frames make me miss gardening.

  6. For my videos I use a programme called Serif Movie Plus X5. Not sure if you can get it there though. I would imagine most video editing software would allow you to edit various clips together though.

    I love hearing those hawks calling.


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