Saturday, March 17, 2012

Got Gas?

Well I took my cold frame top OFF its so warm right now I dont need it, my beans are sprouting and the lettuce is coming up really well and the onions are getting the green tops and I guess its SPRING FOR REAL IN DIXXELAND!!

Well Im curious to know if the Great Crested Flycatchers will nest in the birdhouse since I moved it? I did see a family of bluebirds come in for a drink they normally nest in the other bird house...NEVER got any purple martins in those houses although that was my intent when I put those up.  

One thing I started last night was I signed up for ebird.  My blog buddy Jen got me interested and so I checked it out...its a great tool....I havent done any trips with bird clubs in many years but I used to be a regular at the spring and fall meets....So Im plugging in my checklists from way back in the 90's and hope to eventually bring it up to present day...quite a challenge!! 

ahh.....speaking of beans makes me think of Gas.....a friend forwarded some comic relief my way ...I been giggling ever since so I wanted to share a bout this one, how true is this???

 How bout this

The reason I've Got Gas Prices on my Mind is next weekend I have planned a trip to the upstate, so Im gonna be driving the Dixxeland Express (17 mpg) cause the Girls have to go along with me,....and IM wondering how much the MO-JO is gonna cost me....probaby half my weeks pay!!

 call 1-800-Drop Dead....LMBO

that will be me on the notice the vanity plates..*giggle*
you know its really NOT funny, cause Im serious it will take half my pay check to fill up my van with gas..actually Ive never filled it all the way to the top...SO Ill put in enough to get me there and back.....AND if Im lucky and we have good weather like this weekend my sister and I plan to do the First Waterfall hike of 2012..SO It will be worth whatever it costs...of course I will be eating beans the rest the of the week...

Speaking of politics...I saw this on a house in town...*chuckle* I agree with this guy...

Can beat them FIRE THEM eh? I agree Hope your beans are coming up and your gas is not too painful... ha ha hardy har har..



  1. Ooh I hope you have a great trip even though it's gonna really cost ya! I'm dying to go down the valley to see a Gyrfalcon but it's a two hour drive and I just can't decide if it's worth the fuel... Fire em all! I can get behind that.

  2. Have a great trip; and if it's any consolation, our fuel is more expensive than yours. Our government are such greedy ba$&"~#, they tax it to the hilt!! lol

    (couldn't see the second, third and fourth pictures though) :-(

    1. oh drat, Fixed the glitch with the pix...yeah I know its way more expensive in the UK for gas---you guys are so lucky to have the fuel efficent cars to chose from at least we have zilch!!

  3. Hi Sondra...Yes like Keith said the pictures aren't showing for me either!!
    You make me laugh and of course when I do I cough and run for the bathroom or just pee my pants lol...
    Hope you have a nice trip, and don't have to rob a bank to get back home...: } Beans are good for bad that gas from then is not recyclable !!
    I think everything is overpriced, and who know what's in are food slime filler in the hamburger ..did you hear about that one yuck!!! "just crazy"
    Safe trip

    1. YUKKK thats nasty, I dont eat meat and good thing by the sounds of this pink filler stuff *shudders*

  4. I seem to have missed a number of your recent posts and now for some reason I can't see your pics on this post :-( I thought it was because I am on my iPad but it seems others are having the same problem. I could see the photo of the sign outside the house though which is hilarious.

    I hope you have a good trip, as Keith says the fuel prices here are really horrendous!!

    I enjoyed catching up with your posts on the drowning tragedy. What a terrible thing it was and some of the newspaper excerpts were heartbreaking. You clearly went to a lot of trouble with all the research...well done!

  5. I'll def be having gas pains when I drive out west this summer.... I'm hoping for some kinda miracle that drives prices down the week I go!

    I have an ebird account and keep forgetting to update it. Sheesh.

  6. Funny cartoons and as dedicated roadtrippers we feel the pain too. The only thing that bothers me is that we (the voters of the whole country) are more concerned about gas prices than we are anything else that's going on in the world. === it's bad for sure but we need to listen to more than "i'll lower gas prices" -- OK, off my soap box. Enjoy the trip; enjoy the beans ;>)

  7. If you want to see expensive fuel prices then come to the UK! Saying that we do have shorter distance to travel. Look forward to hearing if your flycatchers nest again.

  8. Gas is even MORE here and we export the stuff! Trips to the coast always cost a lot. Enjoy your trip and try not to think about the $$$$$.


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