Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good, Bad, n Ugly

Heading out of town tomorrow hopefully for a waterfall hike the first of 2012
I took the day OFF WORK...Im so looking forward to this 3 day weekend getaway!! I hope to see some birds and if I can hold the camera still long enough I may acutally get a shot of something....
This week the Black n White Warbler returned to my yard...this is not a great shot but its record proof,

And after going 3 rounds with theEVIL bird police over at ebird...I think you better get a shot of EVERY bird you saw in order for them to not hassle you! That little plug I gave them last week I want to UNPLUG...geeze--I was entering my lists from 1995, NO I cant recall the day but I TICKED IT IN RED INK meaning it was a rare sighting, and not a MIS TIC,  a savannah sparrow ipswich...they said YOU DIDNT SEE IT, CHANGE IT------you were 50 miles inland....even tho I was on a Bird Club field trip with a renown and seasoned leader who said IT was an ipswich..WELL to make life easier for me, I made my lists private and do you know that corporate bird brain project leader said "Im sorry you dont have confidence in your ID's enough to share with the world." SO I said " well I shared with the world and so far after 3 crappy emails from ebird, its not exactly working for me!"

So here is the tufted  titmouse looking so cute with his beady black eyes..

Seems everybody has attitude these days...and then this morning I had to call the satellite company and complain cause the bill went up $4---- again!!    SOON it will be costing more than the electric bill....I told them I will cancel it if they dont lower the price, they said, pretty much this.
"GO ahead we dont care." We have been with Direct TV since they were PRIMESTAR in the very beginning, so much for loyality...made me feel pretty blue...

SO I guess you can see my week has not exactly been filled with love n to say the least, and then the gas price went up another 4cents before I could get my van up there to fill it up for the trip...Dang!!  I wish Wall St, would emplode and then the gas prices would stop yoyoing...sometimes the price changes 2 x  day.

One of my favorite Hostas that we have in one of my favorite pots!! YOU have to surround yourself with the things you love it makes the cold world a little easier to live in....and you dont feel so adrift...

all that powder on the decking is Pollen! I have to wash my van before I leave its been Pollenated for see what else can I complain about.....IM sure Ill think of something soon as I hit the publish button...meanwhile I hope all of you have a great weekend.

OH yeah, and then there is the divorce Im going thru....
"I'm due a good turn!"



  1. Oh, my! I'm glad this week is over for you!! Have a wonderful hike!! Looking forward to the pictures.

  2. At least you can smile :-)

    Some of these 'grown up' birders can be pretty dumb at times. We have them here lol
    Enjoy your trip.

    1. LOL, yes I imagine they are pretty much world wide Keith---I figured they would commit kamakozie when they saw me list the Evening Grosbeak that I KNOW 100% for certain that is what it was because I see them all the time at my sis's home in Colorado in the west where they are common as house cats... I got a HOLY look at my own yard...they are listed at less than 1% for my area...SO I dont want more chaos in life, just more PEACE...Im thinking of adding Pterodactyl---just to be awkward!!

    2. I like that idea lol
      Throw in a Dodo just to confuse them even more ;-)

  3. Sounds like one of those snobby bird groups. Tell them to take a hike..not to the place your heading for!
    Your hostas are beautiful.
    Enjoy your three days and the hike.

  4. Lovely set of shots! That purple plant in the 5th shot is fantastic. What colour!

  5. Thank you for bringing spring out here to the west. Lovely stuff.


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