Thursday, March 29, 2012

Great Weekend-

Obviously Im safely back at home and almost have another work week behind me, thank goodness!! I had a great weekend and the weather was just wonderful for traveling with the trees all in various shades of spring green..this is I-26 heading west.

recent rains have everything greened up...the girls enjoyed being along for this trip...even tho there is plenty of space in the van they chose to stay very close to RIGHT behind my seat...

Lunch on the road consists of one of my favorite snack foods....Thats Annie's legs dangling from the seat she likes to look out the window Flossie prefers to stay on the floor of the van...they are pretty good travel partners although they bark at ALL strangers...and everyone is a stranger to them...

Then on Saturday my sis and I drove upstate to the mountains to do a waterfall hike.  Once again in Oconee county which is up in that funny little tip of our state that is bordered by NC on the north and GA on the west...and its a very beautiful spot!! Our hike is in the Chattahoochee National Forest, and the river in the area is the Chattooga River, a Wild n Scenic River-

Fishermen were busy trying to catch Brown trout, and doing quite well from what we heard...
the forest was beautiful, some early flowers were blooming on the floor...


Our destination was off the Spoon Auger creek that empties into the Chattooga...and lunch on a rock by the falls...shared with some local wildlife...

After lunch and hiking back to the car (only a .6 mile round trip hike) we decided we had time to do a second King Creek Falls.  It was a bit farther but an easy hike at 1.1 miles

a boisterous and  beautiful waterfall enclosed in a nice rocky cove...

This highland area has some beautiful scenery....and lots of water, rivers, ponds, streams, rivers, and more!!

Nearby is the Stumphouse tunnel...Ive blogged about this before but had no photos of it, cause my batteries died before I got this time I got some stills and video..this old tunnel was hacked out of the Stumphouse mountain before the Civil fact the war was the reason it was never finished...when the project went broke..

Its more like a cave than a tunnel...check this out

and the nearby Issaqueena Falls that we saw last fall with no photos...had to go by there and get that proof photo and a little video..

the power of water is amazing...we had a wonderful weekend...I cant wait to go again!!

This weekend my BFF is coming over to spend the weekend..we are celebrating her birthday...
WE are hoping for good weather but rain may dampen our plans...IS so then its Junk stores and shopping, if its nice out its gonna be hiking, and drinks by the firepit when the sun goes down!! IM really hoping for a sunny day.



  1. Some lovely shots and it looks like a lovely weekend get-away kind of place!

    I hope you get your sunshine for this next weekend. Nothing like explores!

  2. Wonderful pictures as usual. I do envy you the weather you're getting. We had about a foot more of snow yesterday. Your dogs are so lovely.

  3. Sounds and looks like you had a very enjoyable time. The falls are very impressive...both to see and hear! Lovely photos and videos and it is always a pleasure to see your girls.

    Hope you had a great time with your friend this weekend and that the weather was good for you both. It has been glorious here but getting colder again this week, maybe even snow again!!!

  4. Forgot to say I loved the photo of the little butterfly joining you for lunch :-)

  5. Sounds like a great trip in a fascinating area. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a fantastic photographic record you've created! Wonderful post!

  7. Wonderful weekend -- hope that butterfly left you a little of that protein snack after you ate all those M&Ms....Beautiful pictures. Have fun this weekend with your friend -- either weather way sounds like fun to me.


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