Monday, October 17, 2011

Trick or Treat???

SO 3 weeks ago I took my riding mower to a guy because it stopped Moving forward...Was mowing great then just stopped moving....SO I pushed it onto my trailer and took it to this guy....
AT first he said it cant be fixed then I begged so he tried...and like I said it was three weeks ago...he works out of his back yard...

SO Finally he said its DONE...hooked up my trailer after work, went to get it...he had me drive it onto the trailer OK, We raised the tail gate ramp of the trailer up to latch it a largish washer fell to the ground...hmmm

SO I got it home pushed it off the trailer put the gate/ramp up on the trailer started the mower had my foot on the brake, put it in gear and IT TOOK OFF and smashed into the back of the trailer!! NO BRAKES..

SO it wouldnt move now it wont stop..
Sometimes I ask myself "WHY?" SO much of daily life is just things to aggravate, annoy, and just in general piss us off???---
SO Im assuming this GUY didnt put a particular COTTER PIN  back in a particular HOLE that HOLDS THE BRAKES ON>>>>and said WASHER was a clue of events to come...

I think I need a nuclear cocktail...a very large cocktail or some kind of alcoholic beverage-



  1. Sondra, I understand you wanting a huge drink after that experience. Hope the backyard mechanic makes it right. Sorry about your trailer.
    What a nice looking waiter.:)

  2. LOL! yes, really. I guess it wasn't funny at the time, but I could just see it. Hope it all gets fixed correctly.

  3. ahahahahaha, sorry but this is just too funny. A very large cocktail sounds like the answer.

  4. Oh, I get many days like this.......nothing seems to go right.

    Love that waiter.

  5. It is rather funny-- but I know how aggravating these mechanical monsters can get. Myself, I try to stay away from as many motors as I can. Unfortunately I need a car!

  6. Oh man, no brakes! At least you weren't on a hill heading towards a lake or something... Drink up! Though I might not trust that waiter...

  7. Oh goose poop! That's too bad. Is the guy going to make amends somehow?

  8. You've shared a frustration, but made it into laughter. Perfect way to lower blood pressure and accept what you cannot change.
    Thanks for the life lesson.


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