Sunday, October 23, 2011

Do Possum's Holler?

Took at ride upstate Friday afternoon and spent the day Saturday hiking and enjoying the beautiful fall weather and the fall colors...the leaf color is great but still off a wee bit--this is a shot of Table Rock..

View of Table Rock

There is always other things to see in the upstate Appalachia this fellow.

Bear Carving

Last time we stopped at a road side vendor for Hot Boiled P Nuts...yum--if you've never had these you are missing out on a tasty southern style snack...

The hike was great Oconee County near Wahalla --not hard about 2 miles round trip, the day was AWESOME, cool tempts blue sky majestic forest...mossy logs

pig pen falls hike (39)

pig pen falls hike

Our Hike was to see Pigpen Falls which is a really pretty falls that has quite a few drops however you cant see all if for the foilage...probably a better time to see most forest enclosed falls is in the dead of winter after all the leaves are shed..

pig pen falls hike (7)

Im so glad I got this shot...because right after this shot my batteries DIED...yes I had back ups they were DEAD TOO...(even tho I did plug the charger in overnight?) So I have a witness since my sister was with me that we also hiked on down the Chattooga River trail to see Lickloc Falls a really nice one that can be seen from the ridge line trail..father down is the Chattooga River the movie Deliverance was filmed..NOT necessairly in this exact spot but in and along the Wild n Scenic Chattooga River between SC n Georgia. (google it)We passed a road sign that said Possum Holler--I know they called the valleys Hollers since you can "holler" and hear your echo so that does sound better than Possum Echo--right? Funny enough this area was originally settled by Irish and Germans! (Lickloc and Walhalla)

Then from there we stopped at the Pumphouse Tunnel...and the Issaqueena Falls ---NOW I gotta go back with batteries because its really something..and there are many more falls in this area

SO I X'd off 4 more waterfalls from my waterfalls of SC Hiking list...the Pigpen Falls, the Upper and Lower Lickloc Falls, and the Issaqueena!!! A fun weekend...and I took the DLEX on her first weekend trip I traveled 264 miles and used 1/2 a tank of not too bad! roughly 17.5 MPG for the size of it thats not so bad. There is camping in Oconee St. Park near these falls area so that may be a good place for our Maiden Camp Trip...
Today Im gonna have a go at getting the brakes hooked back up on the Mower!



  1. Oooh these are some gorgeous places you visited! That shot of the trees from below is awesome. I'd blow that one up for my wall or maybe my ceiling!! That is a bummer about the batteries... Good luck with the mower!

  2. So sorry your batteries died, but great shots of what you saw before. You guys really have some beautiful waterfalls!

  3. Boy you got some great pix before the battery died -- just a lovely time ofthe year there. (I would believe you made it even if you didn't have an eyewitness BTW!)....

    I love waterfalls.

  4. Especially like your shot looking up at the tree. You are lucky to have such beautiful country so very close by.
    Looking forward to hearing about your first camping in the new rig.

  5. Love you Sondra! I just ordered your book!!!

  6. I've never heard of hot boiled peanuts. They do look yummy. Great scenic shots.


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