Saturday, October 15, 2011

A brutal life...

The lights are bright
The anthem rings
The crowd roars
The loudspeaker blares

My eyes roll
My fear rises up
The gate opens fast
I jump, I stomp, I twirl

The cowboy holds hard
His spurs dig my sides
The blood pours
The crowd roars

I buck I jump
He finally falls
I run for my life
They rope me hard.

The old paint is next
Fourteen years old
He’s been doing this
Since he was three
His old eyes roll
His terror flows
He feels the spurs

Another weekend
Pack up the trailer
Head to tail
Our legs throb
Our sides raw
Our backs sore
We live in terror
We tremble with fear

Its Friday night
All week we dread
Another night of panic
Another rodeo…


Rodeos are animal cruelty please don't support rodeos!



  1. Your words graphically conjure up the cruelty to these lovely animals.

  2. Oh man don't even get me started on rodeos! Your poem is awesome, lets go dig some spurs into some cowboys, yes??!!!

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  4. Hi Sondra...I think what Keith, and Jen said just about sums it up !!
    So I will say ..hope you have a great week..

  5. Sondra, This is disturbing and very sad.

  6. And that is why I don't like rodeos!

  7. Oh so sad. We grew up in a rodeo town (Lewiston Idaho) and back then thought nothing of it -- it was just a thing people did. In the same way as we used to not think about the lives of animals in zoos (the way they all were back then -- just cages) or circuses -- but we have grown up. Not everybody has unfortunately.


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