Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Picnic

I know after all the complaining Ive done about how hot it're not gonna believe how COLD it is right now...Last evening it was 39 degrees! We had to put the heat on...ONE thing about the weather here if you dont like it, just wait it will change!! AND FAST...but I think this is only a passing front.

Over the weekend we ALL (me, my mom, both my sisters and our 4 dogs) jumped in the DLE (Dixxeland Express) and went on a Birthday Picnic...3 of us had birthdays only days apart so we normally celebrate all together..( I had my 58th last thrusday, my Mom has her 87th on Tuesday, and my "baby" sister had her 55th on Saturday)

That's my visiting sister Em  exiting the van...she returns to Colorado this weekend...AND my MOM is planning to go with her...SO a big trip for MOM!! I dont know how long she plans to stay, as long as she wants since my sis retired this year!

                 so....It was a drive up to my favorite wildlife refuge, Sandhills...

We had a nice picnic although it was cool n windy...this sky was dotted with huge puffy white clouds and it was super for a nice walk to admire the wildflowers, which to me is more beautiful in fall than in spring!

We saw some great ones like the blanket flower up there...
and we saw some is hunting season but I dont think its turkey hunting YET..

The water was really beautiful...



                                               A great weekend now its back to work!!!



  1. Hi Sondra...nice to see your post : }
    What a great gathering for you all!
    Time goes by so fast, and best to make the time of it with family while you can!!
    Love the last shot, and the dogs are so darn cute in the van : }}
    Rain here for the last three days...but temp's are staying above 40.. the weather is crazy!!

    Have a good week young Lady ; }


  2. A great way to celebrate birthdays! I'll be your age come February!

    Cool here but we still haven't had a frost amazingly enough.

  3. Hi Sondra, Happy belated birthday. Your photos are beautiful and I love the scenery. Great sighting of the wild turkerys.

  4. Happy birthday! Love the turkeys and the dogs in the van!

  5. What a lovely trip for all of you! And happy traveling to Mom... it'll be nice for your sis to have some family nearby for a while.

    Loved all your pictures as always, but the one of those turkeys positively strutting across the road was great!

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful multiple birthday celebration. I love the picture of the dogs. They certainly didn't want to be left behind. It's cold here too. Too cold - we're thinking about heading inland.

  7. Great post Sondra. Love those Turkeys.

  8. Love the pictures. My absolute favorite is the one of the dogs. They're just beautiful. Sounds like a great birthday for all.

  9. Your van looks very roomy, which the dogs must love.
    Happy Birthday. Your not getting old, your moving toward retirement which is when life starts!


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