Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Royal Visit!

The Eacles imperialis (Drury) (Saturniidae) or the Imperial Moth!!

Imperial Moth

The dogs started to bark and were trying to grab it at first I thought they were chasing a yellow leaf I dont know if its injuried or just emerged from the ground...from the research I did it appears they mature in late September to early October and pupate in overwintering cells in the ground. I placed it in a box to observe it and keep it safe until it can fly.

One of the Royals, Imperial Moth Female

It is unable to fly...just sort of flip flops and for a while it was not standing on legs but now She is using her legs. According to my Golden Butterfly and Moth Field Guide its a female...its quite large as you can see..

Imperial Moth-Eacles imperialis

Says in the book they eat Oak, Pine, and Sassafras to name a few and we have each of those trees right where it was found!!
Earlier this week the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail-female- came around...she was quite large too..


This fellow is a daily visitor to flowers I have sitting on the deck...

Ruby Tuesday

We had a lovely sunset the other night...

Days End

And a big strom passed close by

Thunder Head

Nature entertains me everyday!!


  1. Wow Dixxe, these pictures are superb! All of them.
    Beautiful sunsets, and that Imperial Moth is a real beauty.
    And that Hummingbird.......a flying jewel.

  2. Beautiful! I've never seen an Imperial Moth. What part of the country are they in?

  3. Diana, I read they are East to the Rockies and Mexico to Canada! But this is the very first one Ive ever seen!!

  4. Great pictures. The moth is quite beautiful. I've never seen one like that.


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