Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thoughtful mood today--

I was a bit disappointed that cloud cover on Thrusday night obscured my view of the meteor shower, my friend in AZ said she got a good view--Wish I could have been with her!! We had rain 2 or 3 times yesterday and again last night but the clouds opened up for a very short time I ran out with my Kodak and got this shot of our Red Waxing thats an August Moon--cant wait to see it full this month.

moon over Denver

August is the month that brings summer to a close and not a moment too soon this yr. We have had many continous days of 100+ tempts since June and this week its been in the high 90's all week, 97,98 96, and the humidity has not been below 57% for days, weeks actually--...SO needless to say its a wonderful world if you're a monarch but not good for us commoners!

I think these two images of our natural world have a lot in common, both are in the midst of change and they depend on each other for balance even though they appear to be worlds apart they are very much the same, they are in transition! Like these icons of Earth WE also must morph and BECOME!!! Its what we are thinking today that determines who we will be tomorrow....So we should not be afraid of change we should embrace it--'cause look what can happen--

Beauty is revealed and lack is made Large!! We are all in a state of change, nothing stays the same, and imagine if it did? Not a happy thought!! Mom is returning today from a week away, she's been visiting one of my sisters...Ive enjoyed the solitude but now I will embrace the change of having her back in my daily life, and I'ts been way to quiet around here with the only the girlz to talk to...

I know many of you out there in Blog Land are in transition, thats a good thing, and no matter what choices we make its only temporary for change is always on the horizon--

Ive learned to embrace change and not get too comfy with life, its always in transition! I'm excited for the Summer to end for another reason, I want to go to the Beach--so I want Labor Day to get here!! Even tho I know you can't rush time and you have to live in each moment, I am ready to move the calendar forward to Sept 6th 'cause.....the price of a beach vacation is cut in HALF after labor day and the crowds are even smaller--so Im excited about the FUTURE.


  1. So true, so true! Love your reflections.

  2. Great thought provoking post Dixxe.

    That shot of the red moon is a stunner. I'm not sure I could survive those sorts of temperatures.....that is hot!!
    That butterfly is beautiful; like a stained glass window.

  3. To be excited about the future even if we don't know exactly what the future holds for us... it's a real sign of acceptance of all possible changes in advance. Wow, can I say it this way? It sounds a bit foolish, doesn't it? But it sounds brave, too...

    I do love your reflection on changes, let's be brave to accept them, and the moon is beautiful, I have never seen it like this.

  4. Great post and words. Change is happening moment by moment in my life right now. Or should I say in my 4 sons lives which IS my life as well. Ah, the choices they have to and are making. I hope they choose right. All I can do at this point is give advise and let them choose hoping we raised them with proper values...

  5. Enjoy following your blog, your thoughts, and the beauty you catch with your camera. One day, I must take you into the air to have you photograph my world.

  6. Granny that would be An awesome experience....

  7. Petra, if we knew the Future in advance Im sure we would NOT be very excited to embrace its coming we may even not want to contiue, so best to be prepared for the future than to think we can control the future to the point of it being ready for US.

  8. Lots of great thoughts here. The pictures are wonderful. I'm particularly impressed with the first one of the autumn moon. Our summer went by much too fast and now we can feel fall in the air most days.


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