Monday, April 12, 2010

IN Search of Waterfalls-

Yesterday we took a drive up to the Pisgah National Forest in NC. Its not that far in miles, but we took the scenic route and stopped alot to see things and I enjoyed stopping at this great Junk shop...the American Pickers got nothing on me...I know a bargain when I find this was a great stop I enjoyed browsing the stuff while Indy snoozed in the shade outside--

I made a couple of purchases and Ill save that for another time...cause our main objective here was to hike and to see some waterfalls...BUT along the way we had to stop and snap a shot of this lovely barn setting...
we saw 3 different waterfalls...this first one, I totally didnt find out the name was next to this lady who was selling fresh boiled p-nuts from a little road side stand, sorry didnt get a photo of her-and I didnt ask the name of the waterfall--grr.
We traveled on and found this's right on the road (hwy 276)
There were a lot of steps so I left Indy in the shade again and I went to take some photos...I didnt take my time as I had planned and the lighting is always tricky on brightly lit this is not what I wanted but it will have to do! This is Looking Glass Falls..

after viewing this one we stopped at a quiet picnic table for a snack and then headed on...parked and took a mile hike to get to the next waterfalls at Moores Cove--my camera had a smudge right in the middle....
IT was an easy hike and Indy did really well even tho she has poor back leg strength...
We took our time and I didnt rush her and she stopped often to....

COOL OFF-lol she really loves the water...
The waterfall was quite spectacular and there were other visitors around..we enjoyed a rest before heading back.
Indy is a fun travel companion because she never complains, she makes the best of every situation!
Today I plan to take my bike over to the duck pond for a ride and to see how the ducks n geese are doing...Indy is gonna stay home today, Ill take her for a walk around the day for her!!


  1. Love the waterfalls - looks like a beautiful area.

  2. Betsy in Tennessee (blogger) is always in search of waterfalls. She would love these.

    We love traveling the scenic routes and almost always opt for them even if it takes us longer to get where we are going. That is quite the barn/shed in the first picture!


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