Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update from my Corner-

my junk shop purchases

Ive been home since Thrusday... I had a good time up in the mountains---Indy and I enjoyed our hiking and junk shopping...I purchased that painting--by an amatuer painter Jim McPeak...I know the hard work that goes into it so I can appreciate the fact that this one ended up in a junk shop! I paid $8 for it---and see that little pitcher in the window--that was my other purchase--I love anything that has a native motiff on it and the colors were perfect to add to my collection-

We saw some super birds at the duck pond or better known as Oak Grove lake-
This green Heron flew up on the wire to stay clear of us...

Green Heron

Then we saw this beautiful blue eyed Double Crested Cormorant-diving for food and gliding so easily in the water...then he flew overhead with wings outstretched like a glider...

Double Crested Cormorant

And the Pied Billed Grebe...been a while since Ive seen one of these guys...they dive to the bottom of the pond for food--they are small...about the size of an American Coot-

Pied-Billed Grebe

I finished up a painting I was working on...call this Moon Enlightened
Its a fantasy genre' a unicorn screaming at a very BIG full moon while he plays in a waterfall--


And that wasnt enough to keep me busy so I wanted some tye dyed shirts and couldnt find any in my size...they had them for kids..(that should be telling me something) so I got 3 colors and did my own, just like we did when I was 16!! NOW onto my sox--haha.

Tye Dyed Shirts


  1. I love browsing around junk shops too; always find something of interest.
    Great bird pictures Dixxe. Especially like that Pied Billed Grebe; he looks so unusual.
    Excellent painting. You have a great talent.
    And tye dye t's. That takes me back lol

  2. Hi Dixee, It's great to be back :)

    It's always fun to poke around in junk shops, there's no telling what you may find. The jug on the windowsill looks interesting. Lovely to see your bird photos too, I love the Heron.

    The Unicorn painting is great, you are certainly very creative.

  3. I love your painting. You did a fine job on the shirts. I too love browsing around in junk shops. Great fun.


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