Monday, June 9, 2014

Last Day Trippin'

Next morning the girlz ran down to the water for a drink and I took my coffee and the camera..and this lady glided by with 5 behind her...

We decided to stay put and not leave the campground today.... just hang out and we spotted a few can almost hear this Eastern Kingbird saying "wth"?

And this park gets the blue ribbon for the most grackles in one spot..used the rule of thirds here...for interest~

actually he had just bathed which I didn't get cause I left my camera on a stump nearby  he did prune in the tree and let me photo him...

...and lots of swallows swooping all over the place, got this one resting, I may be wrong but I think its a northern roughwing female?

And a few herons were about...I had to up the saturation on this shot to see him...he was along that far bank wayyy over there.

and here's the girlz hanging out to dry after the bath I promised...they had to get off the sheet I put down to keep them clean...why are dogs so hell bent to get dirty? 

They did enjoy their baths, and they enjoyed the trip! But that same afternoon, the wind picked up the black clouds rolled in and at 4:30 I broke camp and drove home we were only 98 miles away...would rather not suffer a storm if I dont have to--was scheduled to check out the next morning I figure may as well take my leave!! We had a great time....and now we are ready to go again! ASA the kitty is refilled.

the END

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. What a great trip! And now your batteries are recharged to keep on, keepin' on. :)

  2. Hi Sondra... I just got back from your trip lol, and what a wonderful tip it was!!
    The place is just gorgeous love the sound of the falls and all the falls !!
    You have a nice st up for camping I miss the days of camping, so I am envious : }!
    Beautiful country side shot's and camp views with some nice birds too!!

    Looks like the dogs liked everything except those pesky claps of thunder!!


  3. Just been catching up with your trip Sondra. A great time. I keep thinking I might get a camper van, and just take off occasionally.

  4. Great time had by all obviously! Thanks for sharing the beauty. Good pic of the swallow, hard to catch them sitting still.


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