Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ramsey Creek and the Chauga River

Day four  (my second day in camp)....after that great breakfast of grits, mixed berries and a pan toasted Everything Bagel, I was ready to tackle the world, or at the very least the playing possum picnic table!
I managed after a major wrestling match to flip it back over still no seats attached..that's a warning to the next camper to NOT sit on this table!

Headed back through the town of Westminster where the Memorial Day tribute was still in place, It was a very nice small town display, loved this I circled the block so I could get a photo...

back through the wine country...where some new vines have been planted...

To Chau-Ram park! The Chauga River and Ramsey Creek come together here...
Ramsey Creek has a nice falls too!

The Ramsey empties into the Chauga River its just around the bend...

and spanning it is the "longest suspension bridge in Oconee County!!

Nearby was this cool Louisiana Waterthrush, bobbing his tail and checking for something to eat!

some areas were very calm...

and others were NOT...

this mountain laurel is growing out of a rock! 

 ...when I snapped this I thought it was one, so surprised when I put it on the screen and saw two!!  I believe these are painted turtles...

Then it was a picnic lunch from the shelter by the falls...

then back to site 59 after a stop for some ice cream at this road side stop! The guy who served me gave me that look when I asked if they any non-dairy ice I Blessed the cow that gave the milk and ordered up mint chocolate chip...that guy reminded me of
Charles the early years~I was bigger and probably out weighted the guy by at 40 lbs so I wasn't scared...intimated yes, scared NO! Although I did leave my pig sticker, mace, and 2 vicious attack dogs,  in the van when I went for the Refreshment..LMBO.

yes the windshield is cracked and the  SC state trooper who pulled me and gave me a warning ticket said
"FIX IT" ---dang!
another day in paradise, more to come!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. You always take great pictures. I love the videos, the sound of the water is wonderful. Love the turtles.

  2. Oh all those pictures look so makes us want to be camping!!!! :) It's so great to see you enjoying this fabulous summer!

  3. The waterfalls cascading down in formation are wonderful. Loved following you on this day, from bkfst bagel to ice cream. Beautiful scenery in between. Bummer that the patrolman hassled you and I could have done without the ice cream guy of course.

  4. That's some wild water. You have to watch out for those Charles Manson types.

  5. great videos of the falls. what are the tiny white flowers so delicate .

  6. Cool falls and turtles... Super jealous of that waterthrush! And yeah, watch out for Charlie! Can't picture him scooping ice cream, great image!

  7. Enjoying the videos. What a grand time you are having.


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