Sunday, June 1, 2014

Oak Grove Visit!

A spot I always visit when I'm at sister's home is Oak Grove Lake...The dam broke about 18 months ago so the bird-life has not returned to full occupancy but some have returned...its always a great spot to see babies in various stages of infancy!

Other Birds who love the water are this Red Winged Blackbird.

and the belted kingfisher

a;; this fishing line scares me.... hope he never gets entangled in it...

Eastern Bluebirds are always around catching flies....

and ah......Got Worms? This Grackle does,,,,he has a mouth full!!

Lovely  wild daisies in full bloom...

and I can never pass a thistle by without getting a photo, such a beautiful plant...

Its only a 1/4 mile around this small lake but there is so much to see...these mallards look so perfect...

I have not looked this fellow up...but he sure is pretty look at those green eyes!!

I heard this call unfamiliar to me...then I saw this Pied Billed Grebe floating around in the reeds I think a nest was nearby...I tried to get his call but he clammed up when I turned the video on...

Such a cool encounter...he had his eye on me the whole time!!

another great day in nature!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Those birds, they never perform when you want them to. They must be really used to people. I guess you were zooming, but they seem pretty unafraid.

    1. I know did you hear me trying to encourage him? LOL he just gave me the stink eye and keep floating!

  2. Hi Sondra.... Love those little guys so darn cute!!
    Great shot's ....some wonderful wild life going on there !!
    Love the thistle!!!


    1. To me the thistle looks like came from mars or Saturn,,,its other worldly...

  3. You got some fabulous bird shots there Sondra. I love thistles too, tho I know farmers hate them.

    1. Thanks my friend!! Not much farming going on here now a days...mostly pine trees farming! and some hay...

  4. Wowzer that camera is treating you well! Gorgeous photos- I love the face on that kingfisher especially. Pied-billed Grebes do make some crazy sounds sometimes, took me a couple years before I even realized they were the source!

    1. I finally figured out how to get those Outside sources out of the video part...So far its a keeper...sometimes the big zoom looses some quality tho. BUT its easy to handle and I can at least ID the birds I'm shooting with it.


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