Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fall Creek falls and Lake Hartwell

I'm having a sick day, this morning I HAD VERTIGO SOOO BAD,  much better now but it means I feel bad enough to just sit in my chair with laptop in lap and do nothing much else!  I really wish I had one of those little pad things, [add to the wish list] meanwhile I have this non active time on my hands may as well write up a few  blogs about my recent trip and just schedule them to post...it beats twiddling the thumbs. 

So I told you about Oak Grove, The Pleasant Ridge County Park, and then I headed out in the DLEX for 4 days of camping.  I am not rigged with solar power and at this time of yr I need it just for the fans! So the girlz and I headed to Lake Hartwell State Park...its a huge lake...I had pre reserved a spot.  #59!

But before we arrived at 59, we took a side trip to find (drum roll plz) a Waterfall, as you know it is my ongoing project...I'm really getting it down to the "strenuous", "Private Property", and "roadside" hikes. 

an upstate Vineyard

 With a bum knee this time I chose the roadside hikes...Drove up this narrow overgrown gravel forest service road, looking for some black n yellow markers-- went past due to overgrowth-- and drove a couple miles before saying "this is not right" and turned around when the thunder started I didn't want to be on a slippery mountain gravel road when the bottom feel out of those clouds...AND there it was the black and yellow markers! So we had a steep decent of about 75 ft down a rhododendron tangled hillside to get through till we found the Fall Creek Upper falls... I'm now using one of my old ski poles as a walking stick glad I had it along!

no problem for the girlz..

They frolicked while I photoed!  

So checked that one off the list, there is a Middle and Lower section of this falls, but I decided to save those for another time, since the thunder and rain really came...so we headed for the park...lots of farmland along the way..these are the Appalachian foothills in the background

Does this ever happen to you? W#hat are the chances...an overloaded timber truck and a hay hauler with NO lights behind...on a curvy mountain road~

15 mph for miles and miles notice the double yellow lines...
Arrived got registered at the campground, we had a lake view beyond some trees...

I had a wee problem with the picnic table...

YIKES I hit it with my van,  and it basically collapsed! I managed to roll it over and stick the legs back in place...but both seats had fallen off...oh well it kinda looked like a road-killed o'possum at this point!

got my camp set up anyways...very cozy! Air mattress pumped up and lays on top of the rear seat that is a fold down bed..its the most comfy bed its just right for my height....I have nice pleated privacy shades for all the rear windows...but I leave all the windows open as long as its not raining in.

Slept well...the storms circled around but spared us!  It got down to the mid 60's so it was quite comfortable....Next morning....

Breakfast is ready! I watched  a kingfisher hunt his breakfast

 as I ate mine...I've got my single serve coffee pot, my hot plate with my small size pots n pans, my little tail gate folding table, and of course the screen room...its a real pain to set up, once you get one leg to slide up in place the rest go easy but it took me 1/2 an hr to get that first one going...the dogs had all the fun and I did all the work.....whew!

Flossie and Annie love the view...

End of Day 3!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I had a good laugh over the number you did on that picnic table! Looks like a beautiful spot to wake up at...

    1. Yeah I clipped it with the tire and when I eased on the gas, it just rolled the dang thing over pretty as you please..lol I heard the crash and said WTH? I expect to get a bill in the mail--

  2. Love love love the waterfalls of course. And your cozy camper and campsite. We're planning some extended camping this summer in the Roadtrek .... extremely cozy for two.

    1. Its quite cozy with these two fur balls of mine and they want to be so close...I like to spread out one in each corner but they wanna be right next to me as much as possible. I dont let them on the bed tho, when its in the "bed"position, I do let them ride there when we travel, put a blanket or sheet on the seat to keep the dirt off of course!

  3. So jealous of your adventure! :D Love your blog, btw.

  4. I'm in a limited service area, so the pictures didn't load. Funny anyway. I'll check back tomorrow to see the damage.

  5. What fun to find your blog! thanks for visiting me ... love this! and oh, baruther ... the picnic table... I hate it when I do that... lol

    the pictures are gorgeous!

    1. Yeah....I had no clue I was that close to it...

  6. Just catching up now that I'm locked into my cave for the heat of the day. Just beautiful pictures. Your new camera is working well. All the baby critters are so cute. The lake looks so inviting and peaceful.

    just had about 10 little fuzz balls in my driveway.

    Now the picnic table is a shambles but if it was any good to begin with it would have been OK even if you did hit. LOL I'm good for going that stuff too.

    Can you stand in your van? and do you put that screen room up by yourself?

    1. I can not Cant completely upright I have to bend my head over...and YES i did manage to put that screen up by myself but if anyone had been around I would have asked for help..last yr I did get help from campers nearby.

  7. Hmm, maybe you need to carry your tool box. You could have fixed that table up like new.

    1. Well I had my hammer I did reattach the legs, but the bench seat...the nails snapped when they flew off __>

  8. Poor picnic table. Oh, well! Love your set up.


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