Saturday, October 29, 2011

A beautiful weekend here highs in the 60's and lows in the 40's perfect!!
So today the girlz and I went for a drive in search of a grave!...WELL It is Halloween a time when we recognize the dead...

I go to graveyards--- a lot ----as Ive blogged before I am a volunteer photographer for the Find a Grave helps families find ancestors and ties up loose ends and it really helps with genealogy research..
SO this is the stone I was in search of today..its like geocaching with a twist...

Its pretty hard to read but he was born in 1826 and passed away in this grave was hand dug and he was probably brought here by a horse drawn hearse!
Kinda morbid---I don't know-- visiting these cemeteries has helped me to understand life and death better...especially with families laying in rest around each other...and yes they are dead but  SOMEONE is alive due to their having lived and they have moved on to make room for those that they have left behind...doesn't that make it feel better when you think of it that way?

SO anyways its HALLOWEEN weekend, I didn't buy any of that delicious p-nut butter candy that I love so much instead I bought yogurt covered raisins--although I did have my eye on a Honey Bun at the 7-11.

The girlz and I saw these rolls and Ive never seen this before...or just never realized...this is not hay....its fodder---or rolled up corn shock.


Used for animal feed...and look at this brand new calf---how cute he is..I watched him stagger to his feet, he was aware of me, but it was too hard for him to turn around and watch he gave me this sweet backwards glance.

Here is more of the  family--

Family portrait
There is  history everywhere around this area...

No pumpkin on my porch but....

Tomorrow is wide open...



  1. So does that mean you have collards on your front porch? That calf is so cute!

  2. Cool post Sondra. I am excited to get your book!

  3. Sweet calf, but a weird time of year to be born.
    That gravestone finding service is a good thing. I'm sure many appreciate your help.

  4. Sounds like an interesting past time finding graves. I can never resist looking around a church yard when out walking as I find it fascinating looking at the dates and family links etc. Plenty of shipwreck graves around here as well.

  5. The calves are beautiful. I find old headstones fascinating. I've only seen rolls of fodder like that in pictures. You've got a great shot there.

  6. Thanks for sharing your lovely day. That's great volunteer work you are doing (and yes, pretty appropriate for Halloween weekend.) Us two Pacific Northwesterners learned to love collards when we spent a winter in Alabama. But I like to cheat and buy the pre-washed kind.


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