Monday, September 13, 2010

In the Sand Box of Photography!

Ya'll know Im a photography buff, always have been, never took lessons most people don't they teach each other, and learn by doing. I love to learn! I get asked "how did you do that" sometimes, well the answer is I just try to get a good shot and sometimes I DO, it may take 30 frames...Thats one reason I blog--I read many blogs I like to leave comments, ask questions, and share what I know and try and continue to add to what I know on a dialy basis!

Trees Eye View
Canyonlands National Park in Utah. One thing I love to do is use framing provided by nature--and this one was perfect, what a view this tree is protecting! The thing to watch here is Depth of Field or DoF, I wanted the tree & the landscape beyond to both be in focus so this shot was made at 1/800 shutter speed or .0001 of a second!! Now thats fast and the aperture was set at F/4.0

SO over at Flickr I enjoy the work of fine array of photographers from all over the world, and each one has a special technique, almost a signature style--THAT is something I cant seem to do...I cant find one thing that sets me apart--there are a multitude of things that set off sparks for me, but there is no way I can zero in on ONE thing, one style, or one kind of shot...I'm all over the place-I think the same way-- all over the place--my best friend calls it rambling---she is right.

First Summer Male
This action shot requires that you have a very fast shutter speed to stop the action of the wings and I want the BIRD to be in focus and not the Background so 1/250 or .0004 of a second with f/5.0 and I used my Action High Speed Setting! (the one that has a icon of that guy running) see the tiny feet wrapped around the bamboo stick?

I love nature tho, and you can bet its always gonna be about nature--the very first Geo Cities Web page I made up I called myself The Nature I wonder if that page is still up? Anyways some of the photographers concentrate on Long Exposure shots only, Some on HDR Landscapes only, some on a particular part of nature, this one fellow I follow posts only photos of these white Deer that live in his area they are so beautiful too...Im so thankful that he posts those or I wouldnt get to see them!!

This shot is not about the camera, its about looking for something special like this lighting provided by nature!!! The shot was there I just had to find it and SNAP it!

I like to draw horses thats my speciality when it comes to art...I can do other things but horses are my thing, I could draw them over and over and never tire of it...but when it comes to taking photos I will take photos of ANYTHING I find in nature--not too many people in my photos and I have no sense of style, like one fellow I follow on Flickr he is in NYC -a lifer - he focuses on People shots, he has awesome shots of all sort of people from People pierced all OVER to kids skateboarding and he seems to capture the esssence of their soul...he seems to click just at that majik moment!!!

But I get a bigger kick outta getting just the right light on the face of a wood duck while he is out of the water waddling around looking very awkward on foot.

SO what I do is try to learn from everyone I take my time to visit! Each visit I learn something...even if I have to stare at the photo for an hr, I come away saying Ah'HA!! I dont have a fancy expensive DSLR camera, but I have one I enjoy, its what they call a bridge camera..and Ive even seen some Flickr groups that have in their RULES, ABSOLUTELY NO BRIDGES, and that doesnt mean like the ones of Madison County, it means only DSLR shot work need be submitted-no Bridge cameras!!

Last night's Cresent
Ive gotten many messages from other Flickr users asking me HOW can I get such a close photo of the moon using my Bridge Kodak, the answer is--I just keep trying! This was taken at 1/25 or .04 of a second with an f/5.0

OKAY...thats fine I know when Im not wanted and I sure wouldnt want to rub elbows with the wrong class...(cough, cough) but anyways my photography is about ME-what I see that impresses me, a bug, a flower, a landscape, the sky, and all its components!! But I try all the tricks I learn when I'm out and about with my little camera and I can get lost in that moment and my reward is the tranquility that I receive when Im out there trying to find that unique thing that sparks my interest and excute the lessons Im trying to learn...and in the time it takes the shutter to snap & I've got what I wanted, the thrill of the moment that peaceful ZEN of Me & My Camera!--- is Heavenly~

This is one of my attempts @ long exposure shots of night sky clouds. My shutter speed was 16 seconds with a F/4.5


  1. Wow, I loved this post! I agree with absolutely everything you said, but you said it better than I could. I love to experiment, but when people say they like my pictures and ask what kind of camera I have, I just roll my eyes. It's all about understanding you camera, experimenting, and post processing. Your stuff is excellent because you do all those things.

  2. Gorgeous eclectic photo grouping and I think that IS your specialty. I am partial to landscapes (love the one of Bryce Canyon with the tree in the foreground that you used to have in your header), but I appreciate your variety.

  3. Thanks for those nice remarks, I love the photos posted by BOTH of you, you guys get excellent marks from me on your work!!!

  4. What an interesting post, Dixxe. The photos are superb! I wish I understood the technicalities as well as you do, I might get better results if I did :)

    I absolutely love the photo of the Hummingbird! (I assume it is a Hummingbird, forgive me if I am wrong)

    So glad to see on the previous post that the sweet little dog you rescued has found a good home and I loved seeing the doggy photos too.

  5. Great post Dixxe, and a good variety of pictures. That first one is definitely a 'wow' shot.
    Photography should be all about fun; and if other people enjoy it, a bonus. :)


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