Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fall Creek Falls SP

I ran into this racoon fishing for her breakfast while riding
along the bike path that follows the shore line of the lake at
Fall Creek Falls SP in TN. This is a female and she is nursing...if
I had time to wait her out after she went up the tree I could
have found her "den"..but she looked much more patient than me,
so I left her alone.

If you've never visited Fall Creek Falls in the Cumberland Mtns.
you really should its a jewel in the rough. We had so much fun
we behaved as children hiking, swimming, kayaking, birdwatching,
biking, scenic driving, photographing....the swinging bridges,
the waterfalls, the woods, the wildlife--we saw many deer,
I just never had my camera at the ready to get a good shot.
So if you really want to enjoy the outdoors, I suggest you go.
The main attraction is the waterfalls! There are several all big,
and delicious to view and photograph!

This is the longest one, Fall Creek Falls...there are some
others getting longer every day

There are plenty of scenic views, and tough hikes!
Lots of bridges to cross.

And the lake is awesome!!

The Title of this blog links to more of my photos of this trip.


  1. What a place Dixxe. Superb pictures.
    And that Racoon; she looks so contented up that tree.
    The falls look awesome; what great scenery, I bet you had a great time there. That is a beautiful shot of the lake; perfect composition, and great lighting.

    Really enjoyed that.

  2. It looks gorgeous there. Very cute Raccoon.


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