Wednesday, November 10, 2021

More from Huntington Beach...

I decided to do a mid week post I had some time in the evenings to put it together so I wanted to  share some more of the awesome birds we spotted on our camp trip as I type this my fam is on the way back to their western CO home, Sis thank you so much for arranging this trip!!  I sort of highlighted the wading birds and shore birds we spotted in the Mullet Pond and Boardwalk marsh  area of the park, so next is the beach.  This park has 3.6 miles of shoreline, so there is plenty of beach for walking, shelling, birding,
 and fishing if you're into it, 

This man is originally from DC, but now he is a local he gave us a good tip about Cherry Grove, next time I intended to check out his tips...

and in the summer lots of sunbathing, and for some  hardy snowbirds, swimming in November!

This park lays south of the more famous Myrtle Beach and in winter its more of a retired crowd you see here.   Normally we go up to the jetty but I could not leave the dogs alone for that length of time so we skipped that the only birds we missed out on was a White Winged Scoter I saw reported. 

Eastern Willet 

The ocean was being pushed pretty good we had some very high tide that night...

Sis bundled up on this one day it was cold and blustery.  But we still went out and we saw plenty and she got a lifer of the Piping Plover!


 Ruddy Turnstone for our viewing pleasure...

A large flock of Black Skimmers flew over 


Southwest flies to the Southeast!

We saw a lot of Laughing gull in various stages of maturity...

Winter Plumage

We took another walk later on another stretch of the beach  right by the campground accessible via some boardwalks...

The Fam, photographing birds on the shore 

Ring-Billed Gull 

Laughing Gull 

The Sanderlings were playing keep away with the tide, they would come right up to us, I think they are used to the fishermen feeding them bait fish pieces...

I wanted this to be a ground dove  but the tail is too long, and no scaling on the chest, an immature, the consensus was it's Mourning Dove, sure was a cute one. 

Lots of Brown Pelican 

Walking back we thought we saw a Kestrel, but it moved pretty fast and we lost it, then on the walk back we spotted this Merlin, he had others appreciating the good look he gave us too.  We met a really nice couple from MA, who ended up being one site away from us back in the campground...

Really nice Bird of Prey....and so speaking of that let me share some of the birds of prey we saw over the stay...

Bald Eagle, 

Lots of Osprey hunt in the Mullet Ponds and in the Ocean.   

A real treat was on day one when we came back for our lunch break and I heard the little forest birds making a ruckus...and then spotted this guy...right in my Site 128

Then he flew into heavier cover and turned to hiss at us, 

They don't have yellow eyes, like some owls do....

Lots of claws and beaks.....just waiting....

WE sure enjoyed the Shoreline although  one day it was pretty Brisk!  I had forgotten just how cold it can be here in the South when a stiff north wind comes along....
each evening we got together for some good food, a campfire and a review of the day...
And Friday  I will wrap up with some forest birds, and other fun things. 

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. A great trip Sondra and I love the owl, he was telling you to keep away from his territory.
    I've just heard and read about a bar tailed godwit who flew 7500 miles non stop, amazing
    All the best.

    1. HI Dave, Bar Tailed Godwit do come to this area, I went to see one at a place just south of here a couple years ago. The whole process of migration is amazing. That owl was def a beauty. ONE of these days I want to go north and see a Snowy Owl, one was spotted about 5 hrs to the north last year but with the lockdown I didn't make the trip.

  2. We had an awesome trip together! Glad we saw all the great birds.

    1. Hi Sis, sure did, it was awesome the highlight of my fall for sure!!

  3. What a fabulous trip you all had. So many beautiful birds and the sea was a delight to see also. The shots of the flying Bald Eagle and Osprey were great and the owl hissing at you is to funny.

    1. Hi Jo, we had some really nice sunny days the ocean was so lovely but that one day it was cold!! We still made the most of it, although the wind went right thru me.

  4. Hello Sondra,
    It was a great trip, wonderful bird sightings. I always enjoy the beach and ocean views. It has been awhile since I have seen the Piping Plover, they are cute. Love the Eagle, Osprey and the Barred Owl. Awesome photos and report. Happy birding, enjoy your day!

    1. Hi Eileen, thanks you...The ocean is always so thrilling to be beside, we could hear the tide coming in from our camp at night I lived by the ocean for 5 yrs and it really does get into your soul...glad you enjoyed the photos.

  5. I sure wish we'd known about this area when we were RVing in SC. Well, like all the places you talk about. We didn't do enough research. Sigh. So many wonderful places .... well, your posts are almost as good as being there!

    1. Hi Sallie, there are some gems on the coast it is becoming crowded but fall and winter is a good time when the kids are in school...hope its nice n warm in FL.


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