Friday, October 8, 2021

Fall Fodder

Another slow week, and I think this is the new normal for me.  Im sharing some of the interesting things I saw this past week. We had a few rain days. 

The Cyprus trees at Goodale Park are changing, I hope to catch them when they get to peak...

I scared a Great Egret off his feeding spot...

This pic is not too sharp but I really like the curled proboscis so Im sharing, a Palamedes Swallowtail...

Golden rod  provides food to so many insects this time of year

And more creepy hairy things to avoid...

The colors are changing pretty fast, one thing I love about fall is all the full swaying field plants  lush with seed heads and providing food and shelter for all sort of insect and wild life.  

It's layers and layers of food, color, and cover.

These Tall Sedge tops  are a shimmering shade of blush it really sparkles...

Fall produces lots of great flowers for bees, wasp, butterfly and when these flowers fade, the seed heads appear and migrating birds will be looking forward to this as they make the big fall trip.  

Blue Jays love acorns...this guy has plucked 2 at one time.

I got the attention of a Pine Warbler

And Tulip is visiting, she is one of the regulars to my yard... this is the young doe who I saw early in the spring with a rear leg injury...somehow she survived, it looked like a broken leg to me, and she walked with great difficulty and up on the tip of her toe, that is why I started calling her Tulip...NOW she is walking with confidence, and she can jump as good as any deer, she really overcame a huge disability. 

its the back leg on this side, you can see the old scar ...she is so familiar with my yard she comes right into my flower beds and nips the top off the flowers...but how can I not welcome and love that sweet face...and a strong will to survive. 

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. The colours are one of the best things about autumn, mother nature at it's best! How lovely the deer managed to recover and I wouldn't turn her away either!

    1. HI Pam, yes Im eager for this fall color to cover things in gold orange and red!! TC

  2. Hello,
    Pretty scenes and photos. We are still mostly green here, little bits of fall colors here and there. I love the colors of the tops of the grasses. Nice sighting of the Pine Warbler, I still have some Cape May Warblers here in my yard. Tulip is a cutie, I always enjoy seeing deer. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

    1. HI Eileen, I hope to see more warblers as the migration comes our way...I would love to see a Cape May!

  3. Oh how wonderful to see your fall colors. Still great birds and butterflies around too. Makes me so happ to know the deer healed and is well. I hung up the larger hummer feeder and of course they are gone but for the ones that stay here all year round.

    1. Hi Jo, yes I'm so happy "Tulip" has made a full recovery she is a lucky girl...It's a lot of work keeping those hummers happy they ate 15 lbs of sugar at my place this year!! Happy Weekend.

  4. Those Cypress trees in the water are very picturesque with their bulbous roots, Yes the colours are starting to come through now and with a bit of sun on them everything looks lovely. Spiders are everywhere at the moment and its amazing you the wide gaps they manage to span when making their webs, sometimes a bit unnerving when you unexpectedly walk into one.
    Just home from a couple of nights in hospital as I developed cellulitus often happens as the chemo lowers your resistance but thanks to antibiotics on the mend. Where would we be without antibiotics, if only people wouldn't abuse their use.

    Have a good week.

    1. HI Dave so sorry to hear you were in the hospital I am familiar with cellulitis, saw it a lot when I was a glad you're on the mend I didn't know you had begun the chemo, best of luck with your treatment. Yes I normally do the "dixie-doodle" if a spider gets on me when I walk thru one of their webs, I have arachnophobia just a bit.
      Im having a problem with a Itchy Rash!! NO clue what is causing it. Stay Healthy my friend!!

  5. I do like the Autumn and the wonderful colour this season brings.
    So nice to see the photograph of Tulip, so sweet.

    Keep enjoying these October days, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

    1. Hi Jan, its a wonderful time of year with all the deep saturated colors...
      Have a great weekend.


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