Friday, October 22, 2021

Weeks Highlights...

The weather has been very fall like this fact it's down right chilled to bone!  I visited a few of my favorite haunts, just in time for a sit round the campfire with friends...

Lee State Park

LOL, here is some other things that caught my eye...

The Canoe Trail at Goodale is pretty Orange right now..

The Fall Yellow Bellied Sapsucker is busy

And under the tree is a Brown Headed Cowbird, looking a little bit lost..

Hope she wasn't raised by a Sapsucker! 

Back at Lee State Park, 

I bumped into an Eastern  Comma, he was up a little high but I was able to get this shot.

This is the Loop road goes through the swampy area of Lee State Park, we have a dry spell and things quickly dried up so I took the drive which is sometimes flooded and not passable. and was lined with White Heath Aster (tiny flowers) and a lot of bees and some butterflies were very interested in that..

Here's a Checker Spot..on the Asters

And a Silver Skipper was on the Blue Ageratum 

The Drive loosely follows the Lynches River and is a the flood plain

This little Eastern Phoebe with his belly a nice shade of lemon, hung out over the water for a shot..

The trees along the river seem to already have dropped their leaves...must be colder by the river..

I stopped at his Artesian Well to fill my water bottle..

Very cool and clean...the sign says the well is 100 ft down..This park has 5 still in use wells dug by the CCC in the 1930's.  

After the loop road, I went to the HQTRS area and made use of another CCC addition, this cool picnic shelter, I had a quick snack..

Then a stroll on the Boardwalk...

Yellow Rumped Warblers are back in the trees now...

Homestead Happenings this week Tulip came to visit, 

And brought her first Beau with her...

Thru the window so a little wavy....but isn't he a beauty?  I think they make a great couple...

And then the Sun went down and the Moon was huge ..

Hope your week had some highlights...

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Hello,
    What a lovely post, I enjoyed all the photos. Pretty flower and butterflies, love the Sapsucker and the Warbler. The deer is cute drinking out of the birdbath. Beautiful capture of the moon. Have a great day and a happy weekend!

    1. HI Eileen, finally we have real fall weather to enjoy Im looking forward to the fall arrivals. I enjoyed being out under that moon in the yard with the dogs on Monday night, it's the Hunter's moon. Have a great weekend.

  2. The beautiful autumn leaves and of course the tiny little flowers filled with gorgeous butterflys. And how wonderful that Tulip found her very handsome buck. You had a wonderful week! Hope this next week is just as wonderful.

    Oh and the moon shot was wonderful!

    1. Hi JO, Tulip is such a rare little part of my life here...I wish I could tell each one apart but she stands out for sure. I can't wait to see her with her first fawn. I hope your trip plans are on track for you. I am going to the beach next week so Im looking for to seeing the ocean and my Sister!!

  3. Hello My Little Gypsy Friend , Excellent Campfire Scene - All These Shots Are Delightful As Can Be And What A Butterfly Shot - Have A Fantastic Weekend


    1. Hi Travis, thank you, and I really enjoyed your tale about the moving's so good of you to help someone out! I was super happy to have this awesome day out in nature.

  4. Awesome pictures, especially the campfire. The best photo was the boardwalk at Lee State Park where we have spent many great walks on!

    1. Hi Sis, exactly this spot has special memories...❤

  5. Sondra, it would be so boring if we didnt have defined seasons. I love the gradual changes nature makes from on to the other. Then when you're beginning to tire of one season there is always the next one to look forward to and the changes that come with it. Nature never stands still. Do you have any projects lined up? Have a good week.

    1. HI Dave, so very true, without Nature I'd be a lost soul. I have a special week coming up Nov 1, today I have to take my dogs to the mobile vet to get shots that is always interesting...and no big projects on the burner, but I must keep trying to stop the squirrels who are destroying my winter crops!! They are very hard to outsmart hate to admit but I think they have a superior thought process, as they have foiled every one of my contraptions.
      Have a great week.

  6. Oh lovely your deer has a beau, beautiful! The weather is quite up and down here at the moment temperature wise, it's very autumnal but then the temps go up and the odd butterfly appears! That's very cool to have the fresh spring to fill up from!


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