Friday, October 16, 2020

Good Weather

AND my Covid test was I am self medicating and going about things as normal as possible...the weather changes so quickly Im sure that has something to do with it...and the Stress of Living in America is becoming unbearable!!  You all know what I mean!

BUT in an attempt to bring some balance into my existence I found a nut tree...

Actually more than one... these are the kind of nuts I can hang out's an old orchard of Pecans.  I collected a shirt tail full and I think I will go back for more! Hopefully I won't get shot...there is always that possibility! 

 Other roadside attractions...a Great Egret.  It's not that I haven't been looking for birds, I have, but I haven't found any!  Im not seeing any Warblers,  very few rare birds on our State I think it's regional trend...

There has been an abundance of insect presence this fall...really glad of that. 

recent  rain brought tons of Mushrooms!  All kinds, shapes and colors...

This is what I know as Mexican Sunflower...I found a stand in a roadside ditch so I pulled 2 up to transplant into my yard...I've been wanting some of these to get established so wish me luck..

This is a wetland I check sometimes, and today there was a couple of Egret and some Canadian Geese around...on the other side of the road is this old Spillway I imagine it was a mill pond at one time..

The Blue Ageratum has been really sweet this fall and the bees and butterflies love it, another long tailed skipper stopped by this one has all his body parts present and accounted for...

The little downy who visits the suet through out the day gave me a wayward look but he knows Im harmless...

                      downy wp
Press PLAY in the middle

By the driveway...The first Yellow Bellied Sapsucker of the fall showed up to pick around in the Magnolia tree..

and was joined by a second one...I was happy to see..

Thursday I attended my very first Electric Co-op Meeting...I don't normally go because they usually have it in a big civic center, it's a crowd, its a 30 mile drive away but honestly Covid made some things better...this time they held it in 2 towns mine being one of them and only 4 miles from home! AND it was all done via drive through...just for attending I got a cast iron skillet./.and my name goes in a drawing for a riding mower!  

These ladies who normally sit in a stuff office all day got to work outside on this lovely day.  

Not bad eh?  Im going to use this one for camping, in my kitchen I use cast iron's my favorite.  

Today after 4  pm I can log  in and see the drawing of the winner on video! SOOOooooo much better.   If I win since I have a riding mower I will sell the new one and buy myself a ticket to Hawaii.  :0)

More fall color

We are having good weather most of this week...some rain may return next week..Im working on painting the top of my van, so I hope the weather holds out. 

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. Hello,

    I am glad you test was negative. Good news! I have to keep an eye out for my Sapsuckers, they should be returning here too. Love the sweet Downy video and all the pretty flowers. The fall colors are looking beautiful in the last photo. Take care, enjoy your weekend!

    1. Hi Eileen, hope your sapsuckers arrived, the Downy always announcing himself with his little chatter call...I just put a fresh cake in for him so I know he going to hang around. I just realized I caught a dude in a kayak in that last

  2. So happy your test was negative I know that takes a load off your shoulders.

    I guess your birds all migrated but won't others come in? Hope those Mexican sunflowers take for you and I love the purple ones. And the fall colors are so pretty, don't get them here. Continue to feel well and can't wait to see the roof on the van.

  3. Dang it hit publish to fast

    Great cast iron skillet perfect size. I bought the wrong brand and not crazy about it, it's very hard to clean. OH well maybe next time. Hope you win that rider

    1. Hi Jo, yes knowing I can go about my life and take the required precautions is much better than not knowing. Yes Im still waiting on migrants to pass through and the winter birds to arrive. I thought I would be seeing something by now! I have not cooked on the skillet yet...I have oiled it and it's going to sit for a while then I am going to put in the oven and let it season. The old ones Im using were Mom's they are probably older than I am! I did'nt win any of the door prizes I watched the drawing on video that night, oh well...but some lucky people did win!! Have a good week.

  4. That last picture's great Sondra and sums up autumn. Also that toadstool, it looks like a Fly Algaric, very poisonous. I like cooking with cast iron skillets as they give an even spread of heat, and you can pop them in the oven, but they are so heavy on the wrists when maneuvering.
    Pecans are my favoutite nut, I always take some mixed with dried fruit on a bike ride.

    1. Hi Dave, yes I love my cast Iron they were Mom's except for the flat griddle, I've had it 45 years I all of mine is OLD. They do require 2 hands, very heavy. I ate the pecans some were no good but the ones that were I enjoyed eating!! Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Im glad you found some nuts that are good to hang around with! Those and other wonderful outdoor antidotes for the horrible bad crazy that we are all having to deal with,( yes I do know what you mean. ).... It kind of makes me feel better about my life to know you don’t see lots of beautiful birds every single time you go out. Ive been sadly lacking in sightings for months. It sure is a pretty Autumn around you!

    1. Hi Sallie, it has been a slow summer and fall for me in the birding category Some years are like that I guess this one has been especially trying!! Hope we both got better days coming our way...

  6. "Hopefully I won't get shot" gosh :o that's a bit of a scary thing to read, hopefully you won't!! The Sapsuckers are lovely, that's a great shot of the one upside down! I'm not sure what a Co-op meeting is but free gifts sound good to me, i've just recently bought my first cast iron skillet pan and it's fantastic!

    1. Hi Pam, it's hunting Im always a little leery to be out in the boonies because they shoot at anything that moves. A co-op means each of us are members who own shares in the electric company, we get dividends once a year! Good luck with your new cast iron.

    2. Yes, I can imagine, it happens here too unfortunately but it's not quite the same as in the US! Ah ok, I did wonder, thanks for explaining :)

  7. "AND my Covid test was negative..."
    That is good news.

    Lovely photographs on your post, love the wonderful Autumn/Fall colours.

    All the best Jan

    1. HI Jan, thank you. I was happy to have a neg test. Fall is getting here slowly...SO I hope we have a long fall and winter waits it's turn. Have a good weekend.


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