Wednesday, October 25, 2017

This Land is Your Land?

What is your dream??

This arrived in the mail the other day I've hardly put it down just drooling all over it.

on the cover the yellow billed magpie found only in central and southern Cali. 

The Costa Rica trips would be my dream first choice...$2,754 includes air fare based on double occupancy for 10 days they also provide your meals, lodging, all ground transportation, and guided bird trips with expert naturalists...They have trips going to Cuba, Mexico, the Andes, Southern Africa, One includes Victoria Falls!!  There's domestic trips too, Texas, Virginia, NC, Wisconsin,  CA and some to New Brunswick Canada.  I like that it is chock full of location information so if you find yourself in the area you will know some good spots to check for birds!  I'm holding onto this, and holding onto hope that some day   
NOW , what if the next time this catalog arrived to my mailbox and these prices have increased by 133.3%
What would I think about that?   What if the things we need to keep our modern every day life increased by that amount...say Fridges, your electric rates, groceries....what would you say about that.  Would you think it's normal? 

If by some slim chance you're into conservative politics and still read this blog, (I'd be amazed) you best leave now!  Yes I'm dead serious.  It is not my intention to insult anyone but it is my intention to fight against ideology that is in direct and blatant conflict with creating a society that is inclusive and progressive, that uses fiction not fact to make policy and is trying to destroy the Democracy and the America that our fathers and mothers have left to us to protect and to build upon and to extend into the World freedom for all.  

Because yesterday I heard this on the news:  And it's REAL news not FAKE FAUX NEWS. 
So WTF are they thinking planning to raise the entrance fee into a National Park to $70????  That's  more than double a $30 entry to $70 is an increase of 133.3% ?  Have you ever heard of such a ridiculous plan?  What if you're the only one in the car?  That is wayyyyyy too high.   We own these parks, now the current regime is trying to steal these parks right out from  under us....Clearly it is a ploy to stop visitation and to then sell off or lease out, our forced into bankruptcy and defunked National Parks and Monuments, to BIG Gas n Oil to be used up ruined and destroyed.

ZINKE has got to go...the man is a CROOK along with most all of the so called CABINET, and the man and vice man in the Oval office are liars and  crooks they do not have the best interest of Americans at heart.
So what can we do short of an uprising?  Everyone can write a letter to the NPS! At least let your voice be heard.  I've already written mine... they've already raised the Senior Pass to $80, my sis lost hers when she lost her pocketbook, so it can't be "replaced" it has to be repurchased at the new TAKE good care of your pass don't lose it!
Why do I say this...okay think about it, since WHEN does the GOP care anything about our National Parks?  They have been trying to drill, frack, strip mine, and pollute the Parks all along,  and now all of a sudden they raise the fees so "The parks can be repaired, and modernized."  Yeah Right!!  It simply is not and never has been part of their agenda!!

The GOP is ruining our Nation.  REALLY!, this is good how?  Just like the EPA they have destroyed it, and now they are onto the Parks Service, they want to destroy it too.  We did nothing for so long on cleaning up the environment we were just beginning to realize the changes we needed to make, and now they are doing everything a Communist Regime would do deny the science, tell you your own eyes lie to you...and SO Many believe it, I've had people on facebook, scream at me that Climate Change is a myth....if so then why are the Glaciers melting, ever so fast, okay one guy said the Earth is's normal, so I asked him why doesn't he sit in his garage with the door closed and the engine running then, if having all this CO2 in the air is normal, it may be normal after a huge Volcanic Event, there is nothing normal about what we are doing it is Anti-normal our job is to use our heads to Neutralize the Threat WE have Become to the Planet.  I'm not saying  we can't have modern life I'm saying we put the cart before the horse now we need to correct that.

Where will this insane type policy lead us?  We will soon be a nation of the poor down trodden, I hope somewhere a nation will open its arms to US as we USED to do for others when their government constant took away and never gave back!  Look at how they are treating Puerto Rico? A $300 million bid went to a company in MT one that Zinke has ties with and the company has only 2 full time employees, how the heck does that add up to anything but corruption???
Of course this is not the only thing they have done that made my blood boil so far EVERYTHING they've done has been in direct conflict with my thinking of what should be done, but this one has broken the camel's back so to speak.
Why do we politely say nothing?
It is UP to US to  STOP THEM!! One thing I'm doing is fight fire with fire, ActBlue is a Progressive Super Pac, they accept donations as small as $3 and you can pay via paypal, I have supported them in the past and if they can help get the right people in office it may be our only hope.

You can call me a liberal, an out of touch hippie, an opinionated lefty, but no one will call me Silent.
I will go back under my soap box for a while but I won't remain silent while parts of the Nation I love so much are dragged into darkness.
Viva' la National Park System!  We must fight to save it.

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. I agree with you 100% this is an outrage and how long will this sap stay in the oval office. When will they do something about it and get this thief and corrupt thing out of OUR WHITE HOUSE! These are out parks for all to love and use. Greed has always been a political game but this is going way to far. I will write that letter

    1. Thank you Jo, I was so upset I woke up and immediately said to's more than 56% it's 133.3% that's unheard of in any language! It's so clear what they are attempting to do.

  2. I think you have a very good point and after reading this I had to look at how our National Parks are funded as our access to them is free, and I bet the vast majority who visit take them for granted, have a look at this
    The recent resignation of Flake and Corker highlighted the growing discontent even among the Republican party members, and I bet many are wondering why they selected him as a candidate in the first place. Hilary Clinton summed it up for me when she described Trump as a man who knows very little and cares even less.
    When you have a single minded business person who is used to riding roughshod over everybody and then brings that same ethos to running a country its very sad and the effect is felt the world over. The prospect of a nuclear war is very real now and the consequences dont bear thinking about.

    1. And ours should be free too!! The problems with this regime is across the board and across the World! They must be stopped...they have destroyed HOPE for many Americans and would be Americans...The budget they voted on closing the gap if that is the ploy they are pretending to an outright farce, the gap is getting so much wider.
      I am watching the PBS Frontline Documentary on Putin and the episode last night really shows the parallel of how Trump and his henchmen are following Putin's political lead. Putin didn't want Hillary in the Oval office because he knew she would take him out asa she could for she sees him for what he is, a budding dictator, and a huge threat to World stability. NOW the bigger threat is right here in Washington. We need a coop...I'd take the far left any day over this.

  3. ok -- you're a liberal, out of touch lefty, hippie -- but those are all compliments in our book!!! We are too (well, not sure about the hippie part -- I've always been a wanna-be actually) but the other two definitely me!!! Thank you for NOT being silent. I give a little to Act Blue but am so disheartened about the whole thing ... thinking about it makes me (literally) sick; there is so much wrong I hardly know where to start concentrating my anger. I guess the environment/parks (Zinke's domain) is the best place to work n because the damage he is doing can't be reversed ever. I'll write to the NpS about the Parks; thank you for your nudge.... let us know if you find anything else we can do.

    1. Thank you Sallie! I figure if we do NOTHING we get nothing so we must do something even it's to post a rant and remind others there is something we can do will it work? Who knows but we all care so doing even a little something makes me feel like I won't be saying "wish there was something I could have done". I take a LOT of heat for my opinions, but it's worth it!

  4. PS; Almost forgot -- I'm sending for that catalog from Roads Scholar -- wow, what a great wish list item. (Costa Rica would be a dream come true for me!)

    1. Most definitely put your name on their mailing list you will be amazed at the trips they offer. They don't offer up luxury lodging, but an open air thatched roof hut sounds luxurious to me! (that was one of the lodgings described for one of the trips)


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