Wednesday, November 1, 2017

SO, What's UP?

Okay October went so fast, and now it's November already? I've been laying low...doing what has to be done and resting when I need want to. I recently told my sis that I live a very exclusive life, meaning many things are me it's a luxury to have a couple good meals a day and a comfortable place to lay my head.  Simple is what I strive for, sometimes the outside world draws me off and destroys my tranquil existence. For now I have restored hozho, balance. 

 Here's what's up in my little world...with some photos of a recent soul soothing walk around my local State Park, Goodale.  My version of the Navajo's Blessing Way. 

   calming water

After dinner Laptopping:
Most of my net time is spent creating a blog post, reading and commenting on your blogs, uploading photos to Flickr, arguing politics on Facebook, reading and responding to email, and visits to Find A Grave, Ancestry, and eBird. That and a few searches sums up my interaction with the outside world! 


             good reflections 

daylight hours:

Are mostly used up doing chores around the homestead, chopping wood for the nightly fire, keeping twigs picked up  out of the yard, and doing some painting at Mom's, getting her screen porch spruced up a bit, so when she returns home she will be super surprised!  Speaking of Mom she is doing very good, still in good health and recently celebrated her 93rd birthday!  There's  the occasional trip to town for supplies, I always have bins full of twigs to drop off at the trash dumpsters and occasionally I bump into people I haven't seen in a long time. 

                                  Bright cheerful colors

New Toys:

A new angle grinder is now in my shed! (thanks Mom for the birthday money) Very handy for sharpening tools, and I'm sure I will find many more uses for it.  Got it for 20% off at Harbor Freight.  It is an inexpensive one but I don't figure to be using it on a daily basis so it should serve me well. 
For my birthday I received: the complete box set of all 6 seasons of Breaking Bad! Absolutely loved/love that is fun to go over it frame by frame. The fact it was filmed in beautiful New Mexico is a bonus too.
AND: a new portable DVD player to take along when I 'm out traveling...if you recall I blew the other one up in a charging mishap.  The new one has blue tooth earphones! SO if that jerk (you know the one I'm talking about) is running a generator I will still be able to hear my DVD of the night!

                  a peacefull Eastern Phoebe 

 Some recent evening activities:

Watched almost the entire PBS series on the Vietnam War.  I knew classmates who were drafted and sent away to Vietnam from my high school back in '69 and '70.  I wore my POW bracelet, and I just wanted the war to end.  This documentary put the entire era into sharp focus... conclusion: It was a complete waste of life on all sides.  :o(

Currently watching the PBS Frontline Report on Russia and Putin I hope this can help me understand that issue more. Being informed is important to me.  

AND just for the hell of it....watching The Walking Dead new season (8) has begun!! YAHOO.  It's a wonderful hour of mindless mayhem, where one can cheer for the good guys even tho the line between good and evil is very blurred.   Our heroes are fighting back  against Negan and his authoritarian regime.  

The leader Rick made a speech.  
"those who would kill, take, steal, and carve out the world only for themselves, we will destroy"

Wow, we need someone brave enough to say that in real life!  I'm wishing for a super hero? 

           a  quiet still cormorant 

 I'm having a visitor! It's going to be wonderful, my baby sister is coming for the whole weekend!! I am excited! It's kinda quiet around here these days just me and the some laughter, and some chatter and to actually have someone speak back when I'm talking will be kinda nice! We have planned a day trip for Saturday so hopefully I'll find something of interest to put in this blog!

Next thing you know it's gonna be Thanksgiving, and then the silly season and then a new year. 2018 wow.  In February I will celebrate the 10th anniversary of this blog! I must do something mindblowing to commemorate that milestone. 

How's your daily grind going?


Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. I'm so sorry I missed your Birthday so Happy Belated Birthday. Sounds like you did well in the gift dept.
    Love you pictures, what's not to love they are always beautiful. You sure are keeping busy but at least you take breaks when you want to.
    It's funny to read blogs with beautiful colored trees and talking about how cold it's getting when I am still wearing short and t-shirts but it has cooled down into the 80's.

    1. Our weather is up and down in November it can't decide if it's fall or Indian Summer. Yep my birthday is same as Jesus's as far as scholars can determine, Sept 29th.

  2. I hope you enjoyed your Birthday :) It looks very idyllic in your part of the world, a lovely place to recharge yourself!

    1. Nature is where I run when I get stressed about life...even as a child when my mom would punish me I'd run outside and hide in the woods...

  3. I had to look up what Hozo meant. I like your autumn pictures around Goodale, autumnal colours are wonderful. You'll have good fun with the angle grinder as they're very handy, although you dont use it much its good to have for cutting stones and ironwork etc..
    Enjoy your sisters visit.

    1. Hi Dave! I always enjoy your curiosity, Hozho is a state of well being and happiness in the Navajo culture I was at one time very curious about their culture so I studies some of their ceremonies and traditions. I have always struggled with balance in my life, and I grasp any idea that can help me stay in balance and the Navajo Blessing Way to me is a beautiful idea.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! The fall photos are lovely, and I can see how a walk around that area might bring some peace. Hope you have a great visit with your sis!

    1. Hi Jen and thanks! Sis and I had a great visit, she had to leave way too soon! And thanks to you and everyone above for the Birthday Wishes!

  5. Happy Belated BDAy!! your life sounds good to me.


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