Friday, October 20, 2017

Fall, Revisited

When I arrived home it was cool and blue sky, marvelous....then changed,  had a couple weeks of sucky weather,  fall out from Nate. It gets really crazy during Hurricane season in the never know when the weather will turn on you...I'm only just now getting a handle on all the dead wood and over grown shrubs and hedges around here.  I have been making busy with lots of  trimming of branches and other stuff...and even the gate is overgrown...

                                                      filling up the trailer with trimmings

Another chore: a large limb fell and smashed a section of my aging yard fence.  I headed to Lowes for supplies to fix it up...found out it was cheaper to buy this damaged section than to start from scratch so that's what I broken picket made this 8 ft section half price...fine by me cause it will blend in better,  other sections have broken pickets...

                                                   once it's weathered it will blend right in

                                                             eastern bluebird

       I can tell from this shot the new door panels I put on the bird houses have been squirrel chewed!! WTH??

Here is another hunt n seek shot for you, the Northern Parula I mentioned,  they summer here so it's not rare to see one...but rare for me to catch a photo of you see it?

                                                                female northern parula 

A DIY project I'm glad to have behind me:
The storm door that enters the screen porch had to have a doggie door.  There was an old doggie door missing the flap in the X removed the metal bottom panel of this storm door and got rid of I put screen in the bottom and that worked for keeping bugs out but the dogs couldn't get out without me coming out to open it, I used to keep it slightly ajar, but then a bird got in and that was that didn't work out.  I made a new bottom section of scrap wood...and fashioned  a flap from a vinyl place mat! It works!  Another $80 saved, more like $180 in this case you can purchase a storm door sporting a doggie entrance but it is not cheap. I did it for $1 for the place mat at the Dollar Store.

                                                  dogs can get in and out and no birds and no mosquitoes 

Hard to get a crisp shot anymore with my ailing camera...even a still bird close as this Northern Cardinal is blurred! BUT for now I'm still using it! With all the car repairs I had this past year, I'm trying to wait as long as possible to replace this camera...and that means the one I want to get is getting older and cheaper :o)

              Three deer sneaked into the pasture the other day I sneaky shot of one. 

                                                               white tailed deer

So after almost 2 weeks of HOT humid horrible weather, it improved, chilled down in fact I've had to use the heat!  I'm  outside again tending to chores and cutting up firewood.  

                                                                 I have a lot in common with beavers 

Overhead I saw this Yellow Throated Warbler,  Got this really bad awful photo but at least I can add it to my yard list.  

                                                   Yellow Throated Warbler
It was so backlit I ran it through an editing program just to see what it was...glad I did cause I thought it was a yellow rump which is pretty common here, but after the editing I could see the yellow throat, the wide bright white wing bars, and the black face line including the a new yard bird for me. Normally I see these when I walk around Goodale State Park in the spring. 

Picking birds outta the twigs is hard with any camera! 

                                                    ^ northern cardinal female  >

See that dogwood tree trying to bloom? That's how warm it got; the buds that should wait till spring started to open...the birds love the red berries in fall and that's what the cardinal is after.

I've enjoyed reconnecting with my yard's our Carolina Chickadee...looks like a Coal Tit to some of you I'm sure!

I get daily visits from our State Bird the Carolina Wren. is one I don't have to go far to find, just check my feeder and he will be there the Tufted Titmouse with his ink black big much more colorful than the Juniper Titmouse I was seeing in Colorado...but not as cool looking as JO's Bridled Titmouse down in Arizona!

Another common bird (but not in large numbers in my yard) is the Eastern Phoebe...a couple have been hanging around fighting over the best mosquitoes...

e phoebe

The Eastern Phoebe

Today I was chasing Ruby Crowned Kinglets around the yard I counted 5 in the Holly bush out back...they can hover almost like a hummingbird and they are super small...

Then up on the dead limb the Red Bellied Woodpecker was knocking quite loud...pecking out bugs..this shots shows why it's called Red Bellied!  

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Wow... he is gorgeous!!

My winter yard birds have not arrived yet, it will be good to see them again!  

Every day is a new Adventure.


  1. You sure had your work cut out for you but you have done a fine job. You have a knack for getting things fixed. Love the screened porch and the new dog door. So many pretty little birds. I found your little parula. I never did find that other bird from the last post. Love the color C. wren, the titmouse is so cute too. So many birds at your place and then the deer too. What a great place you have.

    1. Thank you Jo so you spotted that little bird in the dogwood. I have been enjoying chasing birds around the yard as I get my chores done...and I've been doing some Cemetery photos as staying busy!

  2. I just spotted the female northern parula, what great camouflage. I bet that trailer is worth its weight in gold, they are so handy just to have around to fill up and then take to the dump.
    Have you finally decided on you new camera? I'll be interested to see what you get.
    Thats a good dog door and easy to replace when it gets grubby.

    1. I was such a fool when I moved to NYC I sold all my power tools and the trailer I had used at my Upholstery shop when I moved back to SC I had to buy another trailer. I got this one for $300 a real bargain, it had good tires and they are still good...but the lights were all busted up and still are as law here does not require a utility trailer to have working lights. I don't know why I have neglected to replace the lights!! I hope this old camera will get me through this year at least so I can save up for the new one.

  3. The Chickadee definitely looks like the Coal Tits in our garden and the Kinglet like our Goldcrests! Great way to do the doggy door, perfect solution all round :)

    1. Oh I never noticed the Kinglet and the Goldcrests being so close thanks for that tidbit. I would love seeing some of those euro-birds in RL!

  4. I have major yard warbler-envy over here! Glad your weather has settled down and you're able to get some work done. Brilliant doggie door fix. Those chewed bird house holes could be birds too- my dad built a great big bird house years ago and the Carolina Wrens insisted on making the holes bigger for some reason.

    1. *Smile* I was sooo excited over that warbler...
      Wow I never even considered it being a bird!! Could be, I really can't understand how a squirrel could climb up the 15 foot pole! I know bluebirds did nest in one side when I lower it to clean it out I will investigate. Those replacements are expensive of course it's supposed to be for purple martins which I have not had since my horse passed away...not enough flies without the horse poop? Maybe.

  5. You are seeing some awesome birds and we just adore your porch!

    1. I spend a lot of time in the afternoons resting on the porch when I'm too dirty to go inside till I'm ready to shower! I'm ready for those adorable white throated sparrows to arrive, love their song.

  6. What a great welcome home from your yard birds! Wonderful. I guess my eyes are getting old (along with the rest of me sadly) because I couldn't find the parula....but i loved all the other birds. You've been working hard since you got home; that woodpile is impressive. Sure hope that the hurricane season is over.

    1. Hey, it is hard to see that little bird in that tree! Hurricane season runs till Nov 30th so hopefully we won't get anymore! I was surprised to see the UK having trouble with hurricanes this year...


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