Friday, July 7, 2017

Settlin' Into Colorado

I think there is a Western Kingbird on every barbed wire fence around here...

 Just as beautiful as our Eastern Kingbird, but very different in appearance. 

We're taking things slow and easy here...its hot daytime, like mid to upper 90's. I compared the weather to the weather back home, it was 94 with 12% humidity, back home it is 91 with 68% humidity! So there you have it in a nutshell.  Hot n Dry or Hot n Moist? It's SUMMER so hot is in fashion.  

We've had lots of biz'ness to take care of this week....maybe next week will be more about going places and seeing  what's out there!  We don't want cabin fever to set in.  

Today I was able to take a short drive around just to see what's in the neighborhood. Saw interesting stuff a plenty.  In this valley that we are perched above there's lots of enterprise going on...You got your sheep, horses, mules, llamas, and napping alpacas! 

There is honey, hay, and WEED!

We sit on the back deck in the evenings and watch the colors change as the sun sneaks westward to the Pacific Ocean then disappears. 

Mom enjoys the morning coffee out there too...


And we watch the mule deer play around below us, mostly it's been young bucks hanging out together...I call this one Notcho!

                                                                         Mule Deer

We are a bit more than a mile elevation @ 5,348 ft, and the deer are up here for cooler grazing, they come down in the mornings and then go up the ridge as the day heats up.  

Tossed out some sunflower seeds and a flock of about 20 Pinyon Jays came through and picked up a few...

This little fellow was saying "save some for me won't ya?"


So many interesting trees on this ridge where we  are....Even in death they are spectacular!  This is my favorite tree on the property...

I hope it never falls over...There's scenic views 360 around us...this is the West Ridge...

The rocks hide creatures great n small...

Blue bellied lizard

Casey loves to chase these guys but he doesn't even get close! 

Some flowers are enjoying the heat,  

Black Billed Magpie are abundant but hardly ever still, got this one to favor me with a photo...

I just looked up the top 10 things I should do in this part of Garfield County so it is a good place to start. 

First I wanna meet the neighbors!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. Just can't win with this weather no matter where we go. But it sure has some great views. Some of the pictures were blank but if you click on the broken picture thing in the upper left corner they will open in a new tab, happy for that since they are great pictures. I love the old cabin.

    1. Hope the photos all show up I host MOST of the photos on Flickr, but some I upload I wonder which are not opening correctly? It is surprisingly hot...

  2. It looks interesting there. When you said weed do you mean Marijuana? Is grown commercially? Your magpies are the same as ours, and 50 years ago they were rural birds and very timid when near people but now they are urban and have been very successful at breeding in towns.

    1. Yes Colorado is a "weed is legal" state this is a commercial grow operation....right down in the valley. I will make a broad shot for my next post so you can see the scope of it.

  3. You have some fab wildlife there and I love the old tree, they always look so fascinating!

    1. I call it the tree of life although it has already passed away...I hope it stands a long time.

  4. Everything is stunningly beautiful (as mostly it is in Colorado) but especially that gnarly tree photo should be a painting or enlarged and put on canvas for your wall ... or for somebody's anyway. It is gorgeous.

    Does your mom have any trouble breathing at that altitude?

    1. It is a lovely tree, and I agree it is a work of art! Mom's is now on oxygen 24 hrs a day...that began before we has been a challenge for her, she was sleeping a lot to start off but now she has leveled out and is doing much better. The hard part is keeping her from removing the tubing! She forgets.


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