Monday, August 29, 2016


My Sis and I have had so much fun!! Just being together is enough but to get to do something we both really enjoy doing is the icing on the cake.   I've mentioned before how we do volunteer photos for Find a Grave the website that has keeps records of where people are buried..So my sis researched where a number of photo requests were awaiting fulfillment and she found one in Spencer, TN! Just so happens to be the town where I was birthed..we stopped at 3 cemeteries to be exact...passed this lovely old almost gone barn, oh I'd love to have this wood!

this is the cemetery where we spent most of the day Spencer Town Cemetery.  It was humid and hot!  But we managed with plenty of water to FIND and photograph 40 headstone photos that had been now family that lives far away can see the headstone of their loved ones!!

Here is my Big Sis...she is 5 yrs my senior, she is getting organized to start hinting up these tombstones!  Thats her Jeep since Im heading north and she is heading back to SC we came in separate cars..Casey is in the back chilling in the shade while we go tombstoning!

My sis is very meticulous she had 5 sheets of names to hunt for we used the binoculars to scan the cemetery which helps save some time, but in the end its all leg work.  We found all but 5 of the ones requested...

My job was to help look and snap the photos as she left the chip out of her camera by accident!

We stopped for lunch halfway through, joined Casey in the shade gave him a walk about then back at 
it! Mission accomplished she is uploading to Find a Grave as I type this. 

then we left there and hit the last was pretty old...we had  8 tombstones to find and photo...we found all 8 and it began to rain on us right as we headed back to the car! 

on the way back saw another interesting barn....this one with a Quilt Block! I must create a block for my shed once it gets refurbished! 

this pattern reminds me of a windmill. 

One headstone was very important to me...this was a lady Dr and she is the DR who brought me into the world, Rest In Peace Dr. Rhinehart.

Monday Sis heads back to SC and I am heading in the direction of Kentucky! I might 
'aught peel the Anti-Trump sticker off my bumper but I think I'll just grin and keep on making tracks!
Wish me luck! I sure am going to miss my sis it was the most fantastic 3 days!!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. That is such a lovely thing you and your sister do! But I can see how interesting it would be too .. And wow good exercise to say the least! Have fun on your travels and yeah, I remember we were in Kentucky around this time of year before the 2008 election and definitely felt in the minority . Maybe things have improved.

    1. Sallie things have not changed in KY but I sure enjoyed my self there and meet some nice people in the CG from Ohio and NC. I bet you and Bill would enjoy the challenge of the Find a Grave Photo Volunteer if you want info about it let me know I'll hook you up it is A NO pressure do it as you wish or not kind of thing...and it's like a scavenger hunt!

  2. How lucky you are to have such great sisters. It can be so much fun to travel with someone who enjoys the same things. I really like this tombstone hunting. I should look into it. I have found so many old cemetaries here in AZ. dating back to as early as the late 1700's they are so interesting and you sure learn how hard life was.
    Travel Safe as always.

    1. HI JO! I have had and hope to have more great times with my sisters they are very different people but our
      "baseline" belief system is the same..YOU def should check out those old Cemeteries its fun to see what you can find!

  3. Your gravestone talk inspired me to check out Find a Grave- it's so cool! I downloaded the app, so yesterday when I was out in the middle of nowhere and found a cemetery I checked for requests. There were two but I could NOT find them. Oh well, still adds a new dimension on exploring!

    1. Sometimes its not marked and that is when it gets frustrating but don't give up there are MANY you will find--cemeteries fascinate me for some reason!


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