Wednesday, August 31, 2016

KY-Cumberland Falls

a quick wrap up of the past couple days my sis and I went our separate ways she is home fine and the dogs and Mom are happy to have her back...I snapped these shots at Fall Creek Falls during my last bit of time there...

fall creek falls lake @ sunset

wood duck

cedar waxwing

american robin

at sundown

Then it was time to head north and for me it was Kentucky.  KY is a beautiful state of rolling farm land and green pastures and more rugged areas in the Cumberland Mountain areas...the likes of Daniel Boone and other frontiersmen helped to settle this region.  Funny how much of our waterways the Dupont family has owned and then donated to the state I know there is still chemical clean up they have to do in the Dupont Forest in NC..

this is located in the Daniel Boone NF

I stayed in the CG its small but Okay has laundry, showers, electric and water at the was hot so I used both my fans!  We didn't visit this lodge or restaurant  we were here to see the falls!

and other life happening by this river...

and the beautiful landscape it has created...

the falls is a horseshoe falls 68 ft high and has a spry that gives it the nick name the Niagara of the South!

There is also a moonbeam on the full moon and the area is open till midnight I would enjoy seeing that but no full moon the night I was there...

When the wind catches this spray you think its raining!! 

and not just moonbeams look at this awesome rainbow!!

I spent 2 days in KY more on that in my next post. 

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. OOOOOHHHH so beautiful. I love the falls and the beautiful rainbow. I would have been tempted to jump in to see if the pot of gold was down there. the color of the birds are so sharp it is all so breath taking

    1. Thank you Jo, it is an amazing falls, and the lady in the VC told me the flow is low I can't imagine how it is when its high!

  2. Girl you are doing some amazing traveling! I love seeing all these places you are going. :)

    1. well I've got this one gotta use it up!!

  3. Replies
    1. so happy I went back that morning and found the rainbow!

  4. Wonderful falls ... We visited Kentucky but wow we missed way too much.

    1. well I'm leaving a lot in my wake unseen its impossible to even hit all the highlights so these are the few I did hit.

  5. I am so far behind reading, again. Enjoying you trip. That Cumberland Falls is gorgeous.

  6. I am so far behind reading, again. Enjoying you trip. That Cumberland Falls is gorgeous.


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