Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fall Creek Falls SP, TN

Friday we left as planned, zoomed up to TN, it was nice to see a different landscape as we drove the ribbon of highway wove it's way through solid rock!

We are staying at the Falls Creek Falls Inn, this park was established in 1944...the Inn is old and could use a make over but the food is good and the room has cool AC! And it's Casey Approved!

it sits by the lake and they could do some tree it seems the trees are blocking the lake view...

here is the Fishermen's cabins we hope to rent one at some point and spend a week!

the water level is sooo low a hot dry summer has left the entire east with low water levels, we had a wet spring but then it just stopped and got dreadfully the big falls was barely a trickle...still an amazing fall off the cliff @ 256 ft!

We drove along the Gulf as it's called here, a deep gorge.... and then we took a short hike to the Piney Falls overlook, can you spot it on the left...the gorge here is can obtain a back-country permit and camp in the Gorge. 

On our short hike, we passed this Mortar probably Indian, as the Cherokee Tribe once lived in these rugged Cumberland Mountain Range...

cane creek gorge

cane creek downstream

We both walked over the swinging bridge that used to scare us when we were we waltz over after all life has tossed upon us we feel invincible! Here is my sis on her trip over..

Piney Falls

Near the overlook for the Big FCFall is a point called Rocky point. It's one of my favorite views in the park...

Rocky Point

Part of the reason we are here was our Yearly Family Cemetery Decorations everyone brings a covered dish and its like a reunion as well where we commune with our passed loved ones! It was an excellent turn out!  We made up nearly $1,500 when we passed the hat around!! It was nice to catch up with our cousins and others we haven't seen in forever!

So this was Friday and Saturday's events and Sunday We went Cemetery-ing!! That will be next!

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. I'm loving all the green trees and grasses. Then there is Casey sitting on the bed like he owns it. hehe Nice to hear your gathering was a success.

    1. It is so very green and lush! Casey is the King of any space he occupies!

  2. Thats a good family tradition of getting together once a year, at least it keeps the family in touch. I love it when a familiar name crops up on the travel blogs I follow. This time it was Cane Creek which I know from cycle components that I've bought which trade under the same name. Their store is actually in Fletcher NC. It's really a small world. So have a good trip and keep us up to date with places and roads etc. All the best.

    1. OH no surprise as cycling is very big in the park and the scenic by ways in this area! HARD rugged roads tho.

  3. TN is such a beautiful state! Conditions are very dry here, too, after a very wet spring. My 'wet meadow' is dry and crunchy, my blueberry plants, unhappy. But boy, oh, boy, the blackberries don't seem to mind! Glad you had a good reunion. Must be so nice to have family. Mine is so fractured. XO

    1. Blackberries love hot n dry weather! Our family is all over the place even my sisters are scattered its a major undertaking to get us all together!


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