Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I finally got the window on my van repaired I made 10 short videos of the process I hope to stitch them together on You tube,  so as not to use my data I will go to the library one day and do that! 

... since I got back from the weekend at the Pamlico Sound, I've been back to work on the deck area but not necessarily the deck, but the door that opens onto the deck...which is the front door that is in the back! LoL...Don't forget this house was moved to this location, this WAS the front of the house we chose to view our pasture rather than the dirt road that is the main artery in and out of the place, and lots of  heavy woods!! 
I don't have horses in my pasture right now...but I see plenty of these, this one has a very young fawn she beds down by the fence then she grazes, I can't spot him unless he gets up and he flushes so fast he is like a streak of brown. SO that's why the house is facing this direction so the back door was the front door---

I had to remove that ugly awning, and paint the storm door, the light fixture needed to be refurbished, the door trim had to be scraped and painted, and the storm door had to be screened. 

her it is in the shady afternoon. BEFORE:

I don't really know why this ugly awning ended up here it is not original to this off it comes!!  The little light fixture is original and so I will refinish it. Here's the front without the awning, I will plug up the holes that were left by the bolts holding the awning on with some matching caulk that I have on hand...

I scraped the metal attic vent and door trim for painting and removed the light fixture. 

The storm door had rusted on the bottom, the screening was missing and the glass was in need of a good cleaning too.  

And the siding was dirty!! I had not been able to get to it since there was no sturdy floor on the deck for so long! 

I cleaned the siding, and spray painted the vent, I used some cardboard to keep over-spray from getting on the siding, there is some old paint smears from the awning, that need to be scraped off with some steel wool? I will do that when I get back up on the ladder to caulk.  After priming the door trim, I spray painted the storm door, inside and out. Also using cardboard and painting tape to protect the glass parts from over spray. 

Here is the storm door and door trim after painting...and after cleaning the siding.

I also painted all the flashing at the top edge of the decking white...I had used some brown and some aluminum flashing so now its all white!  While the paint dried I worked on the light it is before:

here it is on my work bench getting stripped! 

IT'S Copper!,with a lovely old patina! Here it is back up with some new wires inside it and the glass globe cleaned.  

the storm door handle got a new coat of paint too.

and once it all dried it was time to remove the bottom section of glass and put in new screening.   You need one of these spline rolling tools to properly sink the spline that holds screen wire in place into the channel where it fits is how I did it, you can purchase a pack of spline that contains the 3 most popular sizes, its not expensive and choose the one that will fit in the groove where the screen sits...I found my size, also got some replacement screen I went with the fiberglass screening, and I put some tape to help hold it up..while I roll in the spline.

It's better to close the door so it doesn't swing back n forth when you are trying to push the spline in, after the screen is in position you use the roller to press the spline into place go easy if it slips it will cut the screening! I roll it in place then work about 6 inches of spline in at a time, when you get to the corners press it into the corner then continue rolling it into the channel where it fits snugly. 

Once you have pressed the spline all the way around into all 4 sides of the channel you can trim with a razor knife I stayed about 1/8 inch outside my spline.

Here it is with the screen in and the glass back in, now I can raise the glass and get a breeze when its nice outside...

The door and the whole entrance looks so much better!!

I decided I don't need an awning, if it turns out I do,I think I'll make some like I did for the screen porch...
NOW I just have to get the steps on and the railings up!!
SO FAR SO GOOD!  Today I pressured washed the entire exterior of the house! Glad thats done for another year

Eleanor Roosevelt: You must do the thing you think you can not.


  1. There's just no end to what you can do! As always, I'm in awe. It looks great! XO

    1. I have failed at many a thing but I normally just sweep those things under the rug..sssssshhhh LoL.

  2. I echo KaHolly comments too. When you say the house was moved there did you mean that it was literally transported from another place? It's wonderful having all that land too. In the UK I guess it would be called a small holding. I'm amazed that you manage to fit in your trips and I bet when you get back there is a host of jobs to catch up on. You certainly earn your evenings beer, if that's your tipple.

    1. Hi Dave! YES it was literally moved about 13 miles! We hired a professional house moving company to move it, way back in 1977! It used to sit inside the city limits and it went up for sale, (a Wendy's Rest. now sits on that lot) my X and I had just bought this land and were planning to build, we had the idea to buy this house and move it..we came in under #10,000 counting the purchase of the house, moving it and getting it set up to live in! We had no mortgage, so that was priceless! I have some old photos of the house going down the highway, must drag those out and post them.

    2. Amazing. Those old photo's would make an interesting post.

  3. It all looks like it was freshly painted, with new door and light fixture. I always put in my own screens and I got lazy and took one to Ace I remembered why I did my own when I got the bill. I could have bought enough spline and screening to do every window in my house for less. You sure did the right thing putting the house in that way what a great view you have.

    1. You are so right Jo every time I complete a project I have this little rhyme I repeat to myself..."Another $80 saved" with inflation I need to change it to another "$100 saved"

  4. It looks fresh and new and beautiful. We used to play an old computer game (maybe Myst or Sim City?)where a sultry female voice would, for some reason, repeat the words 'reticulated spline' while it was loading. it always gave me the giggles, because the robot voice made it sound romantic instead of what it is.

    Anyway, you really are a remodeling genius -- and reading the comments above I 'd love to see the house moving pictures sometime. Really pretty cool to know.


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